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Posted in Child Care on 9th January 2012

Did you get your child the chicken pox vaccine? Why or why not?
My 12.5 month old daughter will be starting day care 1-2 days a week shortly, and I had heard that there was a confirmed case of chicken pox in the preschool room. That made me bring that up to my baby’s doctor. He suggested her getting the vaccine when she starts day care.

I don’t need people getting all up in my grill about “this is what happens when you shove a kid in day care”. What I’m looking for are personal accounts of whether you got the vaccine for your kids or not and what prompted your decision? I have still not fully decided on whether I’m going to go ahead with this or not. I was hoping for some experiences to help guide me a little bit.

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Answer by Mommy
I had my children’s doctor give them the chicken pox vaccine. I’m very pro vaccine though and I haven’t turned down any vaccines yet other than the H1N1 vaccine. I remember having chicken pox when I was two years old. They were awful, if I can remember them from twenty something years ago then they must have been pretty bad and I don’t want my kids to have to go through the discomfort of them.

Answer by Natalie&Brooke&Jr’s Mom
I believe its required now here in Texas. I didn’t ask for it but I am almost positive both my kids have had theirs. Apparently unlike back when we were children they found chicken pox to be more dangerous than they first thought.

Answer by Parent
My daughter did my son didn’t. It wasn’t out back then. He was tested a few years ago and even though he had the chicken pox, he wasn’t immune enough. So the vaccinate him as a teen. The pox is a set of two shots and they can test to ensure one has full immunity. Do it, don’t, it is a judgment call, but if they don’t get it as a kid. Which is likely to start happening more now that they vaccinate. It is a whole different issue when they get it as adults.

Answer by Haruhi
Nope. Chicken pox is most often mild and complication free in a healthy immune system. I wouldn’t fear my children getting it. In fact, if I heard of a confirmed case of chicken pox in someone I knew, I would be running my kids over there as they have yet to contract it.
Natural immunity is much greater than vaccine immunity, and much more preferable to me.

Answer by Carrie
I got her the vaccine only because I have never had chicken pox myself. Some people have natural immunity (and that may be the case for me), but I had to get the vaccine in my 20’s just to be sure and I’d rather not have a case of chicken pox in the house. Were that not the case, I’d go ahead and let her be exposed the old fashioned way.

Many of my selective/delayed vaccination friends are waiting until their children are 10-12 years old to see if they get it naturally before vaccinating.

Answer by Rhianna
It’s true that chicken pox is usually quite mild in children, but it can cause serious complications, hospitalization and in very rare cases even death. The vaccine is quite safe, the risks from the vaccine are very minuscule and rare. It’s rational to give your child the vaccine.

It also offer protection from shingles later in life (shingles as a result of the vaccine is very rare and nothing compared to tru shingles).

Answer by desmeran

i didn’t really see a downside to it.

Answer by V
yes because the Dr recommended it, that was enough for me. I figure she is the expert.

Answer by jennifer p
nope……………mainly cos here is the uk they dont offer chicken pox vaccine………as its a mild illness, my kids both had jus spots.

Answer by diesel1975b
100 people a year die from Chicken Pox in the United States each year. I haven’t heard of a hundred dying from the vaccine.

While your child may be healthy, and their natural immune system may take care of the problem with not complications, that isn’t the case for everyone. Be a responsible member of society and stop the unnecessary spread of the virus before it kills more.

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