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Posted in Toddlers on 9th January 2014

Did I do the right thing by me mother?
Hello My mother wrote me this morning to tell me that they say my husband by e-mail to him, not to our toddler as “baby-tyrant.” For my husband, he told him as a pet name. But I think that it will not be so good as to call him that could. I told my my mother it would be best if I had addressed concerns him to me. Somehow I have ways to tell him without anyone offended. My mother has done it a few times in the past. I try to avoid resentment of any kind to vermeiden.Aber I told my mother in a nice way, in the hope that it was a nice way that it would be better if I told my husband that any concerns they have could. Because I had a way to tell him I was.Habe ok do you say? ? Was I disrespectful to her, Thank you 🙂 Best Answer (s):

Katie response
not! You are perfectly fine! I would not worry about it! You will understand, and you were nice and so no reason to be angry!

Answer by Mary he
your child not the right choice

has it

sasa answer
u has specifically by E-mail and best thing you should not worry at all.she should not be ur man say something like him.I hope she is getting what u mean.

response (no circus without) dog upright
I think you did the right thing. Your relationship with your man should come to your mother before your relationship, if for no other reason than your husband to live haben.Ich do not think you were disrespectful, and if she thinks you were then it must be safe be disrespectful for them to tell your husband how he should address his own son.

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