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Describe the social and political systems in your idea of ​​Utopia?
@ Michelle – hello, Michelle! Several times you have mentioned 1890 to 1920. I can not seem to catch the meaning … could you explain that Best Answer (s):

Each serving and obeying God.

Answer by Michelle Joseph as Proserpine
reality for a perfect answer? 1 …. Perfect ruler … which means no error überhaupt.2. Intimate families tied to the earth … including children … with about 92% at any given time simple life … producing what they eat and use … with the remaining 8% in work that required outside the agriculture such as production, must take place mining, involved … and turned the 8% and business.3. Resources are all under the control of the authority …. sentences have access to resources, not the power of control, yet Geld.4. Treasures of the entire universe must werden.5 protected. Technology must be restricted … anything beyond what was in the presence of 1890-1920, all sets in Gefahr.6. The social system to make it work, all must include universal existence … read as “included other planets in the system.” 7 “Core-life” in love …. 8 No Tod.mit to beginnen.MichelleEdit: It is a time in the history of mankind, when the balance of the company was the best … though still serious problems, for example, abuse of workers, child labor, widespread corruption in the filled government especially in some parts of Europe and Asia, health care … it is the best thing that humanity hat.Sie ​​has created a number of things, the large value such as railways, steam power, the Arts in all disciplines, all machines type, electricity, safe food and hygiene, the balance between farmers and city dwellers was 5-1, Age of Enlightenment have in thoughts and Literatur.Diese things seem advanced enough to give luster life, but not as advanced as the producer or the things produced entmenschlichen.Ich have tried to find in the history of mankind a time when progress the things that could stand the test of time made … it was a “no contest” for me was the only one do not have great merit hatte.Obwohl the population of the Earth about a billion (that’s my thinking on the outside is too many) it was manageable Zahlen.Wenn the balance of the farmers is distorted to “city people”, the companies are in a closed system (the earth) existing scheitern.Es is impossible for them, the “artificial support” to maintain high population upright … can not be performed werden.Wenn life to the point of “burning exactly what” they go, a life to get the style has reached, it becomes konsumieren.In their own existence that time frame, around 1900, it would have been possible to compensate for the energy and other human needs with a “solar-based” foundation in the … contrast with what we see happening jetzt.Meine view is complicated, but I had the opportunity over a period of several years to ponder the problem, while living with my Stiefschwester.Michelle

Reply Joƨh αlƒred
one. There would be less variation of goods under individual co / his producer. Sunglasses are sold at five stores in a mall, only to lose! I would curse it, but I’m fucking trying to take out of my vocabulary. Another _waste makes ten kinds of toilet paper, or how many types of washing degenerate over fifty? No nothing about it. None of it at all. That’s why I did., A governing law, the so-called reduction of variation and standardization of Großhandelsproduzenten.2 There would be no money sein3. Resources would werden.4 allocated according to need. The demand would still vorhanden5 with care. People would be free to introduce new products, which is better than the old one were to invent, but they would go through the cooperation / producer body to tun.6 so. No politician. No Republicans and Democrats do not expect in the Gesetzgebung.7. A democratic legislature with a Präsident.8. Legalization of all drugs and rehabs facilities for addicts who change their lives wollen.9. Volunteers Selbstmord.10. A voluntary collective aim to control population, in accordance with the delivery of Produkten.11. No cashier, no car pushers, no banks, no insurances, no reality company, no fast-food workers, or gas stations, no seller of cars. Anyone could buy a car, if necessary, buses would werden.12 driven by robots. Education through computer programs much faster. Geniuses. Changes in scientific and computer / robotic fields by 15 instead of 22:13 Kreisstädte.14. Machines to make and buildings they bring machine to Land.15. Conolization of other Planeten16. Free Movies, Free Games, Free Internet, TV, free music. We can deliver television with game functions, internet functions, capabilities, and film all in one. No more video games on shelves, all bestellt.17 through a virtual media. No profit and no Gier.Dies anything is possible, is possible if we assume the Venus Project. Read my book “The General Theory of social organization.” If you want to learn more please visit my youtube Seite.GIBT ES no such thing as UTOPIA society for us to make free and change according to the ideology that democracy lebt.EDIT: recourse to PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGIES is an error . Internet access, a knowledge base, a school.

response from forming
In many ways, we are already in a utopia. That is, we have everything in our hands. But we have to shell out a few bucks to everything we want. Forget only the necessities of life such as clothing, food, water and shelter, we have it all! We have the most beautiful waterfalls in existence. We can water so pure that its purity is above every other water source in the galaxy. We can see for the 13 billion light years in any direction. We live in the greatest nation on earth in the greatest era of mankind. Never before has every member of every other nation prospered as much as the average American. The only thing we lack is a leader of the human race. We need a person to lead us, someone to whom we all look up to. Someone alive. But who? What person could unite the whole world under the palm of the hand?

Reply spoon
everyone can do what they want, feel free to replace the services for goods, you do not have to pay to use the lake or the park or breathe the mountain air or the wonderful smell of the sea, we have to maintain and upkeep, and that will be achieved through donations, and whatever is else is needed to keep our beautiful state will be taxed at the end of the year per person, so that if it takes to keep 20 million in our room and there’s 2 million people, I would ask everyone to send in ten dollars to keep things running. Check the condition of being thrown, if you steal, injure, abuse, break the laws of the country, if you murder, and it can not be justified, that is, you were yourself and protect others, you will be killed. Prostitution is doubtful and so is abortion and drugs, but as long as you feel hurt no one, to be free, you want, I can not answer for you, when you leave this earth. If a judge be there when you leave this earth, you or her or him to answer it and so I will and so will everyone else. All voting rights are to be performed by each person, each new idea becomes a question of the vote each project everything will be brought to a vote by the people. If you want to hear, like to write more of my ideas to myself in the campaign of 2016.

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