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Posted in Child Care on 17th June 2012

Democrats: Shouldn’t you be consistent among different industries?
Thanks to your destructive health care “reform” legislation………………..

It is now ILLEGAL for health insurance companies to charge women higher premiums than men.

(they used to charge women higher rates because women utilize doctor facilities more frequently, especially during their child-bearing years.)

However…………………in most states, it is perfectly LEGAL to charge men higher rates than women for life insurance and auto insurance.

How can you say insurance discrimination is ok in the life insurance industry, but not the health insurance industry?

Insurance is Insurance is Insurance.
Either insurance discrimination is okay, or it isn’t. You think you can have it both ways, and say
It’s ok if it’s life insurance but not ok if it’s health insurance.

Shouldn’t you be consistent among different industries?

Best answer(s):

Answer by MtoR signing up is easy
Becasue auto insurance is not part paid for by government I guess

Answer by Bad Αss
Most people don’t pay for their own medical insurance. Their employer does. They could care less.

Answer by some guy
See you got it wrong. In libworld, discrimination against a woman or a minority isn’t allowed. Discrimination against a man is the holy grail.

Answer by king jeremy the wicked
it just goes to show the utter hypocrisy of political correctness and social engineering

Answer by Tommy B
Your question is flawed as it hinges on the fallacy that principle exists in the major parties — it clearly doesnt and has not for some time. They are about POWER; nothing more.

Answer by acid victim 25
You’re right.
Insurance is regulated at the state level, and if enough people care about the issue they will work together to make they changes they want.

Answer by Peace through blinding force
If they were consistent in any way about anything they’d be throw out of the party.

Answer by Hale
So be it, I declare.


Answer by TAT
Ahhhh come on, Lois. It is always okay to discriminate against men. The whole plan to is to bankrupt insurance companies. This is just one of the ways they are going to do that. You can’t charge women more at an age they use more health care services so that the insurance companies will take a hit. This is quite transparent.

Answer by water_skipper
Because feminists are a special interest group demanding “equal” rights, but only when it benefits the women. You don’t hear feminists demanding women having to register for the draft, do you?

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