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Posted in Child Support on 2nd February 2012

DCSS saying I filed for child support when I didn’t – why?
I live in Riverside, ca. I keep getting these stupid letters from DCSS about my “child support” case. I’ve never tried to establish child support. I live with the father of my kid. When I called them they couldn’t even give me a logical answer. I figured as soon as I said I’ve never filed for child support that would be end of discussion..WRONG. Now they are sending letters to the father of my kid saying he is going to be sued? This is really bizarre. How can anyone sue him when child support was never even filed? My letters say stuff like “your child support case has been opened” and they even gave me a pin? This is super annoying. HELP!

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Answer by cottonlily84
Yes, that is quite unnusual. Are you positive you’ve never filed any type of domestic child case against the father? It could very well be mistaken identity or address, but to send notice addressed to your child’s father is too much for coincidence. You should call the Family Court Records office at your courthouse to see what they can do for you. Trust me, they have enough legit cases to pursue. I don’t think they’d mind dropping one! I bet it will need a Judge’s order though.

Answer by Soozie Q
Do you and/or your child receive any kind of government assistance? If so, it doesn’t matter if you want to get child support from the father. The government will get him to pay for his child instead of them having to.

If you don’t receive any kind of aid then I would say there has been some kind of mix up.

Answer by philbrigman
Have you filed for benefits through DCSS? Part of most government programs is to insure that anyone applying for benefits has taken every possible avenue for income. When you applied, you probably had to state on a form that you had a child, gave the fathers name and address, and stated that you were not receiving any child support. In this case, the state could file for child support on your behalf.

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