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Posted in Child Care on 10th January 2011

Day care Prices?? Anyone?
Ok so I know the price of child care varies from state to state and city to city possibly but I am trying to figure out my student loans ans such and need a rough ball park guesstimate on how much day care will cost for an 18 month old and a 3 year old. They would be attending full time. Anyone care to share how much they pay per week or give me a ball park figure. I just need a number to help me figure out how much money I am going to need. Thank you in advanced and if it makes a difference we live in Indiana. Also I am just going to throw this out there since I am new to day care what should I expect from my child care provider? P.S. I am a total procrastinator and will be day care “shopping” on Monday or Tuesday.

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Answer by Susan
i pay 1100 dollars a month, full time

Answer by ~*~Braden’s Mommy~*~
My son is only part time, but if he were to go full time, it would be $ 200 per week (at $ 40 per day, which is average in CA where I live) Prices here are the same for children of all ages, although some places are slightly less for children over 2 years old. So for two kids, it would be roughly $ 400 per week, which averages to $ 1733 per month (400 x 52/12) Yikes!

You should ask about sibling discounts also, many places have those. When looking for childcare, find out if they provide meals or if you do, obviously if they’re licensed or not, what their child to provider ratio is, what their policies on discipline are, what type of activities your child will be doing, what are the hours, policies on sick time, etc. Here’s a list of some questions http://www.saferchild.org/askthe.htm

Basically, just ask about things that are important to you, and try not to rush it. Check lots of references, spend some time there when the children are there to see how they interact, bring your kids to meet the provider, etc.

Answer by Danyelle *TD*
I called a couple in the area. My daughter will be two when I might need them. It was (full time 8am to 3pm or later) 100 dollars(weekly) for one I called, and 75 dollars(weekly) for another I called.

I live in Oklahoma.

Since they are so different state to state, just look up a couple in the phone book and call them. That way your not guessing to high or low.

Answer by *Coltens Mama*
Colten goes full time for right now and we pay $ 160 a week OR they weeks he goes part time its $ 40 a day.

Answer by Melissa D
Depends on whether you go center based or home based. In NY (I’ve been shopping too) a half-day program 5 days per week $ 840-$ 875 per month (if they feed the kids it can run you more) For a full day 9-4 program it can run you about $ 1100-$ 1300 per month, most have before and aftercare for varying prices and some will also feed your child meals. We are sending my daughter to one which feeds her breakfast, snack, and lunch for approx $ 980 per month. She will also be 18 months in September… Your 3 Year old will cost less and you may get a discount for having 2 kids in the same daycare.

Answer by Zeke’s Momma!! 10-14-08
I also live in Indiana, and I think its around 150. If you are a student though, or need help paying for daycare, there is a program called CCDF that will cover most if not all of the cost

Answer by intrepidgirl5443
It varies by area. Rural areas are cheaper than urban areas. I pay $ 310 per week in the nice suburbs of a large city. See below links:

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