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Dad recieved the child support check today….?
and he sais “god i love child support!”. first off, it pisses me off that he loves taking money from my so called “nazi” mom. secondly, where does all that money go? i buy everything i own except for clothes. i bought my ipods, my phone, my dvds, my music. they rarely buy me new clothes. (last time i got new clothes was when i visited my mom over christmas break). the last time they bought me clothes was 6 months ago and all it was was 2 shirts, a jacket, and a pair of slacks. they do not have any type of account set up to help pay for college. i understand that some of it used to pay part of the bills. i do not take $ 500 in bills! they also use the excuse that “insurance for you is pricey” however, i do not require insurance because i only have a permit. so where does all of this go? i do get paid $ 30 a week but its basically my mom paying me. they both smoke almost a pack a day so im begining to question if they use the money for me of f*cking cigarettes. how do i deal with this?
nope no game system. no me gusta los videojuegos 🙂
i hate tv so no. i rarely watch it. also, we live in the land of 10,000 lakes! the water bill is like $ 20 a month!
im not wnating the money for things i want! i buy my own things. i want them to help pay for college. that is where child support should go!
gunslinger. did you not read? i want them to put some of the money into and account for COLLEGE! i pay for my own “toys” and i dont play freakin games. geez.

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Answer by Pam
Regarding your question on how to deal with it – you just do – it’s part of life.

Regarding where all the money goes:

home owners insurance
health insurance
car payment
car insurance
oh, and yes, even if you ‘just have a permit’ before you ever get behind the wheel you have to be covered under someone’s car insurance – rates for teens are sky high
and probably life insurance to cover these things in case he kicks the bucket before you turn 18

Answer by Ellis Wyatt
Car insurance: all licensed drivers (including permits) affect car insurance rates. Teenage males are the highest risk and so the highest price.

He needs to pay for the bigger home for you to have a room.

Health insurance.

Food (the food you eat alone is probably MORE THAN $ 500/month).

Transportation all over town

I could go on and on.

You have no idea how hard it is to support a household and provide a home for a kid, especially an ungrateful one.

Answer by bigdaddy9965
i always ask the same question, when i was sending my ex wife child support of 250.00 a week and my kids never had new clothes and i was told it was none of my buiness, but they did have a roof over there head and food in there bellys, and i dont know how old you are but when ever you turn 18 all that money will stop coming in to your dad, and if you are woprking by then dont you dare give him no money for nothing they say what goes around comes around

Answer by milepost211
Deal with it. Its between, your mom, dad and the court system.

The Rat

Answer by mugsly
If you feel you are not getting the things you really need to can go to the courts, retain a lawyer and see about your rights. If you will be driving you should get a real job, like at the grocery store or McDonald’s and pay for your car expenses, that will teach you the value of a dollar, and you will have pride that you can take care of your bills.

Answer by Mrs.G
How old are you? Why are you not living with your mom?

Answer by Stormy S
First of all yeah you do take up about $ 500 in bills, first there is the rent or mortgage payment your dad pays every month. Then there is the electric bill which I’m sure you use part of. Especially since you have dvds, and music and I’ll bet even a game system. They don’t run on hampster power do they? Then there is the cable bill, don’t even say you don’t watch television. And I suppose you bathe, take showers, well there is a water bill and do you flush when you use the toilet? Well there is a sewer bill as well. Do you eat? As for insurance, who pays your medical bills? Your dental bills? Car insurance, Yeah they do have to have insurance on you, if you are driving their cars at any time, because if you get in an accident they are responsible and can be sued, to the point where you might have to give yp your ipod, your dvds, your music etc. Oh yeah and I forgot the internet bill as well you obviously use it.

I used to think the way you do until I added up how much my mom got in child support for myself and my brother, turned out the child support fell $ 300.00 short of what our expenses were per month. So I stopped whining about what I wanted, got off my butt got a part time job, used my student pass for the bus because it’s free to take city buses here if you’re a college student, anytime I need to go anywhere and I can get there by bus I take the bus, saves my mom gas at least.

Answer by KathieJo
Child support is to be used at the discretion of the parent receiving it, for the care of the “child”…which includes: food, shelter, education, transportation, clothing, medical care, dental care, entertainment, hygiene supplies, laundry, insurance (of all types), extra-curricular expenses for school, hair cuts, all of it! I don’t know what state you live in, but in a lot of them, college is split 3 ways…Mom, Dad and kid (get your grades up and apply for any scholarship you are eligible for, when the time comes.) You may also seek legal advice…and children have rights. Talk to your counselor at school for some more advice. Good luck! KJL

Answer by Lisa b
Even though your father should not have said that in front of you, raising children is expensive, very expensive. Maybe you don’t get many clothes or other things, they pay for health insurance, (you do need car insurance), food, utilities and other things. Try not to get in the middle of things with your mother and father. It’s just not your place and it’s way too much for you to handle. And if your dad spends the money of ciggys there isn’t much you can do. You should ask to live with your mom. You haven’t said why don’t live with her – I’m curious.

Answer by Bear S
If she is paying support then he had a good lawyer. Do you know what a lawyer costs? The food that you eat. The bed you sleep in. I suggest to you, for your own good, move to a homeless shelter. One week. Come back and lets see how much your opinion changes.
I quote Mark Twain her. ” When I was 15 my dad knew nothing. When I turned 18 I was surprised how much he had learned. When he died I wished I could ask him what he thought.

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