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Posted in Child Support on 15th April 2011

“curious about woman that lie”?
“the man is not on child support”
Is there any laws against woman who lie to a man about a baby. If he is a responsible man, then he will spend?
time and money on this child. Later to find out the baby is not his. he could spend 6mos to years later spending time and money. Is there anything that a man in this situation can do! Or it just a lost cause.

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Answer by D D
No laws.

Answer by mac
It’s not too uncommon, sad to say. I’ve known a few people who underwent though the same thing. One of my friends simply had a couple of children with the woman and treated his newly discovered step son with care. I know someone else who got married then quickly divorced. For a sensitive topic like that it’s best to talk to a lawyer.

Answer by Epiphany
get a paternity test

Answer by Brooke
I would think he could demand a paternity test…not sure but I would think there would have to be proof the child is his if he is demanded to pay child support. Of course, if the man already stated he is the father, there may not be anything else he can do.

Answer by Twister
call an attorney. I’m sure recourse is available. Make sure the father and the child are DNA tested first. This would be fraud if the mother knew the baby wasn’t his. Fraud is a felony.

Answer by Visee
Many states have laws whereby if a man cares for and supports a child as his own for a year, guess what? Legally, that child is his, even if it is shown through DNA tests that he is not the biological father.

So, the advise here is if a man has any doubts, get paternity tests completed within a year after the child’s birth.

Answer by Irv S
There might be some law that applies, IF you can prove knowing
deceit, but as a practical matter, the cash is beyond recovery,
a single parent is unlikely to be separated from her child.

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