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Could someone define “child support” please?
For years now I have been paying child support for my 2 beautiful kids but I hardly call this truly supporting my kids. The courts step in and then they regulate my God given place and responcibility as a father. They severely limit this and then say you gotta pay, as if I wasn’t allready. I mean , come on! Its only helping to pay for a few things and bills, but thats hardly TRULY supporting your kids. I think its just the courts and their crappy language and legal jargan. Which is a bunch of CRAP anyway!I mean we live in a country where they say Elvis lives but God is dead and they’ll bring entire contenents together to save a few dieing whales and yet our governments are swift to uproot and disolve marriages! Its all so backwards and the ones who suffer the most, the children. The single greatest need in this country alone is mentors. Why? Well the government too away the father figure in most cases and now the children need a father or “mentor”. Society is dead!!!
People say “Oh he pays and is not a dead beat dad.” Really? HUH? So I pay the bills but never see my kids is that even right!? Good grief! My own grandfather strictly sais to me “YOU PAY THAT SUPPORT YOU HEAR!” as if now I am no longer a father but just someone to pay bills!!!! Its disheartening and left me utterly dead inside but oh! then the woman get involved and soon its, “All men are dogs!” which makes me wanna puke and say a few choice words which I won’t because I am a christian. I don’t trust woman any more. Its so hard to look at them and remember what I am going through and then say I would trust a woman’s heart again! Thats like asking that Cobra not to bite me a second time around. I trust God but the heart of a woman well thats pushing it!
This is both a complaint and a serious look at our court system. I did nothing wrong to my kids. My ex and I couldn’t get along is all. I told her I didn’t want the divorce and she insisted and even signed my name to it because of legal power of atturney! I do not believe in divorce based upon “irreconcilable differences” or we just can’t get along. Grade school kids learn to work through not getting along for petes sake. I never asked for a divorce and yet I am now and forever the bad guy. Thanks alot! Society always sides with the woman because they are usually the ones who get abused. So when I come along and never asked for a divorce in the first place, I get the shaft simply because I am a guy and woman rule! Now you know why I would never marry another AMERICAN woman ever again. She’s got to be foreign!!!!!!!!!! Or I hope God gives me a foreign bride that won’t break my heart.
I’ve been divorced now for 7 years and keep getten bit by it very much. People say “forgive and let it go.” But what if it keeps being thrown back up in my face time and time and TIME again!!!
Yes I know, seventy times seven and all that jazz!
I tell ya, we live in a funny and backwards land.

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Answer by Father Casillas
When you pay ‘Child support’ you are actually helping your ex and her new hubby to pay the bills, That’s cool because if they are ok then your kids are ok. I mean i pay child support a total of 800 bucks a month. But i guess that’s what we get for having sex with the wrong person.

Answer by LA Librarian
Definition of Child Support

: payment made for the support of the children of divorced or separated parents while the children are minors or until they reach an age set by the separation agreement or in a court order

Note: Child support is usu. paid by the parent who is without custody. In the case of joint custody, both parents usu. pay child support.

Answer by sally
Is this really a question or some kind of complaint?

You can be a father to your children and still pay child support, some people choose to stay out of their childs life and thats their loss. If you don’t get to see your children you must have done something really bad, so don’t come in here and complain about something that was put in place to protect children like yours.

Did you speak to a lawyer about the power of attorney thing?
It really doesn’t seem right to me that she could sign your name to a divorce document. but anyway, Why did she have your power of attorney? Were you in jail or incapacitated in some way?

Unless you were in jail I don’t see how you wouldn’t get visitation unless it was proven that you did something to the children or to your ex-wife (physical emotional sexual abuse) the judge cannot just take your children from you with no visitation without a valid reason.

Answer by writer2462000
John-I know what you are saying. And you may not listen to me because I am a woman, but we are all children of God. I do understand the hurt you are going thru and the empty hole it leaves. I’m going thru something similar and I won’t go into details. The court system leaves a lot to be desired, especially when you are trying to do what is right. The court system in general often makes decisions based on whatever information they receive and then decides on the outcome of your life and expect you to just live with it. No matter how much pain and suffering we go thru. It often makes me feel like a number and not a person. There are all kinds of injustices everywhere and it makes it hard on us. From my experience so far with my divorce situation, the only thing that has got me this far is God’s love and support. It makes me wonder sometimes too what our society is coming to. What I don’t understand is why you can’t see your kids? My ex has to pay child support and he gets to see his kids and he hasn’t been a great father. I’m not downing fathers, don’t get me wrong. I’ve always thought fathers played a very important role in the development of the children. Has your divorce went through? Did you have an attorney to represent your issues?
You have to know that God will help you with your broken heart and he can intervene so you can see your kids!

Answer by repentandlive1961
don’t you think a dad should want to support thier kids no matter who thay live with? i think the trouble with child support is that the mother can go and spend that support on any thing, kids or not. i think the one that gets support should have to prove where every penny of the support is spent on the kids.and i don’t mean just “saying well i the rent didn’t i?” or something like that . because people have to pay for stuff like that anyway. i understand the part about not getting to see your kids, i didn’t get to see my kid for six years . the hurt was unreal. but as christian we must forgive, because we don’t know whay God’s plans are for us. yes that time was hard but now i have a wife that truely loves me and for other kids. and to SALLY !!! the reason i didn’t get to see my kid was because my ex wanted to try out the gay life! and her new female partner didn,t want me to have anything to do with my ex or child. the only thing in this case was to be a male!!!(so don,t even try to begin to judge me, or any other dad ,who is not let to see their kids!)

Answer by carabelladejustice
John S., I want to address several of your comments and questions. I also want to ask some questions of you.

You say you didn’t want a divorce but your ex did. What was her reason for seeking a divorce? Signs of marital break down are usually there a long time before a divorce happens. Usually women even talk about the things that bother them long before considering divorce.

You say you did nothing wrong to your kids but that you and your ex did not get along is all. Exactly what was the nature of your not getting along? Differences in opinions over what to watch on tv and petty stuff or did you not get along to the point of violence and abuse in the home? It seems interesting you mentioned abuse in your post.

You were the perfect husband and father so you try to say yet your wife divorced you and the courts have not allowed you to have contact with the children. I can assure you that judges do not listen to hearsay evidence and make decisions like that. There had to be some tangible evidence of something for a court to rule no contact.

You said your ex had power of attorney and that is how your divorce was finalized. You say she used that power of attorney to sign your name. Firstly, that is not legally possible in a divorce since there is a judge watching the signers. Secondly, if you are making accusations that are false you can be sued for libel since this is in printed form under the new laws. If you are conversing this way in your community and the information is false, you could be sued for slander.

Are you currently paying child support regularly without any arrearages? Have you continously kept your child support payments up to date through out the seven years you speak of since your divorce?

Have you made any sincere attempts to contact your ex wife to talk about any chances of contact despite the court ruling or does she have a restraining order against you that prohibits that?

As someone who has worked with the court system to keep families together, I have difficulty believing there aren’t some serious issues left out of this story that you do not want the public to know.

You do need to be aware that this is a public forum and anyone could read your postings. Should it be your ex wife or her attorney and they be able to identify you, you should be very afraid of the consequences you could face if you have lied or left out facts that would place a different context on the situation.

As far as women being like cobras, I can attest to the fact that when it comes to the safety and well being of my family and myself, I can be quite venomous just as most women who have protective and maternal instincts.

The fact that you say it has been seven years and it keeps being thrown back in your face leads me to think there are things not being done properly. Have you fulfilled all the terms of your divorce settlement or has she sued for property to be returned, reimbursement for any financial obligations she fulfilled that were court order for you to fulfill? There is some catalyst for this post. There is something that brings it back in your face. You aren’t saying what that is. Your rantings in this post and some others I have read makes me think you are a pitiful, angry, bitter man who God cannot help until there is a heart and behavior change along with forgiveness of others and you seeking forgiveness OF others.

The Bible says you reap what you sow. The question is what have you’ve been planting?

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