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Posted in Babysitting on 18th March 2011

Could anyone help me to understand my dream?
I am at my Fathers place and a huge snowstorm hit. My Father went outside and started to build a huge snow block wall just higher than the house. I had to go out and I kept wondering if I should go or not.. It was then I found out that the only snow that fell was in my neighbourhood I chose to stay home because I could not get out past the wall. Next I was “babysitting” a group of kids and their fathers were sleeping upstairs. The kids were loud and unruly. I went upstairs to check on my really tiny newborn baby. The baby was so tiny that it fit n the palm of my hand with room to spare. I tended the baby and went to wake the fathers. All the parents showed up at once Next, I was walking down the road I grew up on with my two boys one was walking the other the tiny newborn. I saw their father, have not seen him over15 yrs. I knew he world get of so I hurried but he was beside me. He asked to see the kids, I let him and then his family was there fussing over the kids.

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Answer by bubba
this dream tells me that you shouldnt eat before you go to bed.

Answer by wodulo denis
hello my dear, thank you so much for bringing such a chalenge to us who love wisdom.
that was simplay giving you the reyal thought of how your hasband and other peaple thought abought your chaild (beang very small means beang nothing)
but GOD made it to be difrent and those who ignourd your chaild like the chaild’s father are going to regret and admair yoyr chaild

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