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Posted in Babysitting on 8th January 2014

corrections officers;? Enjoy your job
I’m already accounting for the amount of experience, knowledge and skill learning you receive. I just want to know if there is a big baby seat career (with tons of responsibility) or is there a decent excitement to the job? . No disrespect to all officers Best Answer (s):

Nightrider answer
A few factors will determine the aspects of the correction of an officer job in your area. First of all policies and procedures of the department. If you are in an advanced state, which are “a Thug Hug” module of the detention of the view in, you sit around and babysitting (in most of the security levels) and film, music, investigation. The more freedom the prisoner is allowed inside the wire, the more illegal things they do to get into (what hooch / sale. Manufacture / sale of tattoos and accessories. Runs extortion / protection gangs, drugs, etc.). The higher the security level, the narrower the reins, and we have more Kontrolle.Zweitens the security level of the institution you are in. The lower the security work, the more freedom for the prisoner population allowed. Although this means you do “less” in your security, you actually do a bit more in your attention and diligence. You literally never move, constantly looking and looking. Every move you make is watched and recorded by dozens of eyes. The inmates will know how often to make ends meet, which direction you go, how effective you are looking for, and what areas do not look especially. If you are the type of officer who does not routinely knock down inmates, do not be surprised if all kinds of smuggling starts showing up in and around your area of ​​operation. Whatever you lack in wide area distributed immediately among the inmate population, and they are most of the machen.Die to each for their illegal use higher security level institutions run completely different with different levels of attention and consciousness. These are long-term imprisonment and the disadvantages of living in this neighborhood are mostly predators. Stress level is higher (but you have to get used to after a while, so it is normal) and your reputation is a high yellow zone at the minimum. Complacency at this level can be fatal. The worst part of a joint maximum is higher and that there appear to have no obvious dangers. The inmates are respectful to talk to you and on the surface appear to be following all the rules. They are simply much better to hide what they are doing and the search for more areas that you do not know. When I say that I train new Officers “The inmates have 24 hours a day to do things, think, and we have 8 hours a day to catch them doing it.” Fights are usually rare in top safety features, but far more harm wird.Ein great advantage of the corrections is that you can wear as many hats as you are willing for training and qualify. When the normal stress of never to turn their backs, not to believe everything that an inmate tells you truthfully (how shall I say, a prisoner be me? His lips are moving) and to know that at least 80% of the people around you around’d like to stab you to death with a homemade shank, if they could afford, is not enough to train and qualify within the wire for many positions. SRT, TRT, DCT teams in each institution. (The men in black) STG coordinators be used daily. Training course coordinators and used. Also, all our teachers are men and women who work in their fields and train specifically want. You need to get through your probation period and show that you want to do more than just “babysit”, but after a few years on the job, you will begin with doors open for you depending entirely on what you do möchten.Viel Fortunately for you and I hope this makes sense ist.Quelle (s): Certified 21 years as an officer in a correction max prison Firearms Instructor and IT trainer, Arsenal Officer, Armorer, use of force instructor, Chemical Munitions Instructor, RIB and ICS Level III certified. (And I’m never bored in my area).

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