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Posted in Child Support on 19th January 2011

Compliance and Enforcement Issues Regarding Child Support

Child support is an integral part of child rearing. However, there are several common issues that arise from child support. One of which includes the amount that is due to the child and that is supposed to be equally divided between the parents.

There are simple issues on the exact and appropriate amount that should be paid. The Family Support Act of 1988 requires that every state use a definite formula when computing for child support. There are several law firms in several states like California and Florida who are knowledgeable to the different formulas available.

The results of these formulas are often derived from the net income of the parents divided by the number of children to be supported.

Another common issue is the desire of the non-custodial parent to change the amount involved in the child support enforcement. Jacksonville, Florida is only one among the many states with law firms that can help give the parent involved with another option on paying support. The job of the law firm during this situation is to determine the main reason why the parent wants to change the amount of support. There are several valid reasons and one of these includes either a decrease or increase in income. Another would be an increase in the parent’s expenses or that the child’s needs have decreased.

In the event that the parents declare bankruptcy, they are still obliged to pay support. A parent should only stop paying support when the child reaches the age of majority. Therefore, despite the advent of bankruptcy, remarriage or moving out of the country, the non-custodial parent is still obliged to follow the rules of child support enforcement. Jacksonville, FL is only one among the many states that strictly follow the rules of child support.

In order to get a favorable compromise between the concerned parties, a highly-skilled lawyer is important.  Child support lawyers and divorce lawyers in Jacksonville, FL are very competent in any situation or settlement that may arise. However, if parents refuse to pay support, the court will find other ways to acquire child support payment. These contingency plans include taking the parents’ income tax refunds, the wages can be garnished, and bond assets may be liquidated to substitute for the support.

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