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Posted in Working Mothers on 20th February 2011

College Grants For Unwed Mothers – Being Single and Trying to Get Back Into School

Article by Walter Sigmore

Unwed mothers face a difficult life, shunned by society. They have to become the sole caretakers of their kids and are alone with no shoulder to depend on and no one to share their grief and sorrow. Most of the unwed mothers are teenagers, who are still in their schools and colleges. The responsibility of the kids leaves with them in a dilemma whether they can continue with their studies or what should be the next alternative. College grants for unwed mothers have been introduced with the sole aim for offering opportunities for these mothers to carry on with their education without any hindrances.

To make matters simple, the government realizes the importance of granting financial aid to mothers who are in such plight and have a number of scholarships which have been started to complete the same purpose. The President always has believed that the power of education is enormous and it can be used as an important tool for the development of the nation. Under his rule, billion has been assigned for state grants and billion is to be used for federal grants. Pell grants have also been significantly increased from 10 to 00. Then we also have the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) where in the recipients of Pell grants from the lowest income household would be chosen first. Various other federal grants which are working towards the same cause are the Academic Competitiveness Grant, National Smart Grant, Institutional Grants, TEACH grant and so on. It is interesting to know that under the new administration, an amount of billion is to be used for Pell grants.

Charitable institutes working for the same cause are in abundance. They believe in providing the adequate facilities for the unwed mothers so that they can complete their education without any financial strain. One of the prime names in this context would be Raise the Nation, working sincerely for the benefits of single mothers. They earnestly work towards providing the necessary funds which can help the unwed mothers to continue with their education. Elearners works towards the same cause as well, and is helping out a huge number of mothers and encouraging them to complete their education and move ahead in life. Its newly launched initiative is the ‘Project Working Mom’, which is an awareness program not only for working mothers but for all the mothers out there to utilize the grants available to restart their life with the purpose of acquiring education.

The aspect of online education in the educational programs for unwed mothers is also a great encouragement to them, so that they can be able to acquire degrees without having to leave their kids and can tend to their needs as well. The convenience and the flexibility of the online program can hardly be ignored.

There are various non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army,The American Red Cross, Goodwill Industries and even churches are also coming forward and providing their contribution for this gentle.

Education is always important to every human being’s life without a trace of doubt. If the part of education is removed from our lives, then the prosperity of us and the nation is at stake. College grants for unwed mothers is a great example proving that, whatever be the situation, there is always help awaiting for you in one form or the other.

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