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Posted in Toddlers on 31st May 2013

clarify something I said three days ago :)?
3 days ago posted i is the following:. “Was 18 months a bit too long to breastfeed my son is 18 months old and I just weaned him the boob tube a few of the mother in my play group made comments behind my back saying I was a spinner for breastfeeding so long., I do it for too long? personally I could not give two sh! ts but was wondering what others thought about breastfeeding toddlers. “the feedback was wonderful and I am glad that so many other women have breastfed or not breastfeeding their infants at this age or even longer, to clarify myself and did not care what thought these two mothers at me feeding my son for so long (so they are teenagers I assume out, they have virtually no knowledge about the benefits of feeding past 6 months or just do not care). My son actually weaned himself, my partner and I went to a concert on Saturday night and on Sunday my son refused the breast and has continued to verweigern.auf a bonus question: How the hell to i relieve the pain in my breasts since I weaned? I have been doing a high strength panadol for 3 days now and I love it. I need to make it easy to absorb and wait for it to stop, to hurt or can anyone suggest an alternative pan relief, not because they have not worked cabbage leaves Best Answer (s):.

Reply by Mom to a beautiful little girl
Have you tried hand expressing a little? Not much, just enough to relieve the pressure? It will take some time for your body to take in order to indicate that you no longer breastfeeding before it slows milk production, thus far, to do just hand express a little when it hurts the trick, so it’s not painful .

reply by Ellen
Drink at further and consider four or more cups of sage or peppermint tea the panadol as necessary, try nasal sprays, cold packs or even better cold cabbage leaves in your bra. Do not be afraid to express milk, but only until you feel more comfortable. Just like the initial swelling gone, even that will.

answer by Bobbi happen
Did you break the veins in the cabbage leaves? they have to have the goo come to work. Or maybe hot showers or warm compresses to the breasts. I slowly cut back feedings, one or two a day, and did not have much problem.

Reply by Mariya
wearing a very tight bra! as a tight sports bra will help reduce your Versorgung.Sie can also ice packs. a hot bath or shower can help the swelling. Express a little, if you are too uncomfortable, but try to stimulate the breasts as little as possible to disrupt milk production signals to the brain. You can also ibuprofen as well. it goes away soon! hang in there!, and again congratulations on BF for so long

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