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Posted in Toddlers on 20th January 2011

Choosing Between a Toddler Bed and a Twin Bed for Your Child

When your toddler reaches a certain height, it is always prudent to transition him or her from the crib to a bed. This is because of the high risk of your toddler falling, climbing or jumping out of the crib.


However, many parents also find it difficult to decide if they should let their child graduate straight to a twin bed or should they start with a toddler bed. If you are wondering what you should do, consider the following factors when you make your decision.




Not every child finds it easy to move from the crib to a bed. Some go through the transition without a fuss while others would put up a fight to keep their crib. If your toddler shows signs that he or she is reluctant to move to a big bed, then you might like to start with a toddler bed first. This is because a toddler bed is small and feels snug compared to a twin or full-sized bed. Furthermore, there are many cute toddler bed designs that appeal to kids of that age group. This may go a long way in helping your child to make the transition.




You have to bear in mind that an adult bed is higher from the ground. If your toddler has not reached a height or developed the ability to get on and off a twin bed on his or her own, you would be better off with a toddler bed. Such a bed is low to the ground and a toddler can easily get on and off it without much difficulty. If you insist on getting a twin bed, at least check the height of the mattress base from the ground. Because different beds have different heights, check this aspect before buying one for your young child.


Bed Rails


Most toddlers require a bed that is “boxed” in. This is to prevent them from rolling off the bed since they have yet to develop the ability to stay within the bed boundaries while asleep. Toddler beds come with built in bed rails that keep them safe and secure. If you do decide to get a twin bed instead of a toddler bed for your child, then you would need to buy the bed rails separately. However, you would then need to do additional research on this item as not all bed rails are the same when it comes to quality and safety level.




Most parents are reluctant to buy a toddler bed because of the short-term nature of its use. Usually, toddler beds can only be used until your child reaches the age of five or fifty pounds in weight. Bearing that in mind, you would have to evaluate the physical size of your child when you make your purchase decision. If you suspect that your child would quickly outgrow a toddler bed, then you might like to buy an adult bed instead. Otherwise, you would have to buy another bed sooner than you expect.


In summary, whether you decide to buy a toddler bed or a twin bed, always be aware of safety issues. Differentkids develop at a different pace and as a parent, you would be the best judge of the type of bed most suitable for your little one.

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