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Posted in Babysitting on 10th November 2011

Choosing a ba sitter

Article by Christine Groth

Like every other parent you too want to protect your children from anything harmful. Becoming a parent comes with its own insecurities and protectiveness is a natural outcome. However, despite our utmost efforts it might not always be possible for us to save our children from everything. This is a crushing thought. But it is true. And the only way of consoling ourselves is by pledging to take intelligent decisions and prioritizing the safety of our children at all times. Choosing a babysitter is one time when the pledge has to be put into action. It’s not tough to find a babysitter, which means that there are plenty of options to choose from. But don’t let this make you think that choosing a babysitter is an easy task. A babysitter is the person you are going to leave your kid alone with and such a person needs to be chosen with a lot of caution. Not only do you have to make sure that the person you choose is qualified for the job you must also ensure that they are not potentially harmful to your child. This means that deciding who the right candidate is is a time consuming and intensely difficult job. Most of us turn to our own parents when looking for a baby sitter for our children. This maybe a natural move but it may not be the wisest choice. Your parents might mean well and may be crazy about your kids but at their age they might be able to keep up with the demands of childcare. Do consider, objectively, if your parents are physically capable of keeping up with your child before handing them the babysitter’s job. A number of young grandparents are often fantastic babysitters, especially due to their former experience with children. But if they are older and have physical constraints they might find it difficult to meet your baby’s needs. While deciding whether or not to let your parents baby-sit for you therefore always take their age into consideration. Do they have health concerns of their own? Will they be physically equipped to deal with any extreme situation like say an accident of some sort? Is keeping up with your child going to tire them or make them ill? Also take into consideration your kid’s age. If your baby is an infant then they will be easier to sit for cause they do precious little. But if they are toddlers, fond of running around and playing games, your parents might find it difficult to run around with them. Choosing someone outside your family has its own problems. It’s not easy to be able to judge a person from a single meeting or interview thus its highly difficult to decide whether an individual might prove to be harmful for your kid. All you can do to satisfy yourself is ask for recommendations from previous employers, find out how much experience he/she has and if he/she can deal with your kid. Do remember to utilize this information. Call the prior employers and check on your babysitter’s background. Finally relax, and tell yourself thateverything will be ok.

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