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Posted in Child Care on 24th January 2011

Children’s Aid Society wasting too much time on non emergency cases instead of real emergency cases.?
A parent of 18yrs has 4 children one day this single parent who was 9 months pregnant high risk (bed rest order) sat down to rest after cleaning her home the only furntiure she was able to sit in was the large sturdy computer chair. For one minute the parent turned her back and thats when she heard her child cry. As she turned back around to see her child on floor crying not knowing why or what had happened. Parent trys to comfort child but senses something might be wrong maybe a sprain. Parent rushes child to hosptial the hosptial sends them home and tells the parent its nothing, that the child will be ok in a week it’s just a case of an impact from a fall. Child spends night over at grandparent home. The next day doctor calls tells parent to come back in with child so Parent goes picks up child from grandparents home. After arriving at hosptial the Child, Parent and grandparent are made to go through whole process again X-rays, doctors and etc. Now it’s discovered a hairline femur fracture with a spiral at the tip of the fracture. Now CAS is called and the parent is harrassed. CAS constantly accussing the Parent of abuse and emotionally traumtizing the parent into giving birth early (premature labour) which was caused by the stress of CAS almost costing the baby it’s life. CAS had no respect for the unborn child at the time and still after wards CAS had no regarding to the baby’s health. CAS tried to cause the Parent to fall into post partum depression by harassing her at the hosptial. CAS still after the doctor’s clearly stated it was not abuse and that the child’s fracture was plausiable a result of landing on the leg the wrong way. CAS targeted this Parent and has been taking this Parent to court all because this Parent didn’t see the child injure them self. How can CAS spend so much time and effort on harrassing Parents who did no harm to their child/ren. But yet CAS doesn’t go after or bother the Parents who really do cause physical harm. How is CAS so messed up with it’s priorities? It’s been 8 months CAS has been harassing this Parent who did NOT harm and did NOT abuse any child in their care and it was proven such. Our justice laws seriously need to be reviewed and changed CAS abuses the privillage of power that was given to them and should be held accountable for misusing this privillage. CAS caused emotional harm and traumaized this family without any evidence or any sort of merit. The justice system courts accomadate CAS and force these good people to suffer through an unnecessary process and all the parent that had been abused by CAS gets is sorry? How is this justifiable? CAS should quick harrassing people who do nothing and should only go after those who really do harm children. Stop wasting precious resources and time that could have been used to actually save a child in need instead of wasting time on a parent who done nothing wrong. Do you think CAS should be responsible and held accountable for harrassing people over nothing? Do you feel CAS doesn’t do its job that they claim “they there for the protection of children but yet so many children die in CAS care”.

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