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Posted in Toddlers on 19th December 2012

children go to kindergarten, at 2 or 4? How old, if I’m wrong about 2 or 4? I think?
my 1.7 years old is ready Best Answer (s):

response of Sicilia shines
i love your avatar, is the baby beautfiul

response from Rebecca Ninja No you
1.7 years old is not. I was about four. At least wait until 3 …

response from Pikmin WORLD PEACE
What the hell? 1 year old?? I went to school, when I was 3! What the world has come to today? Babies read when they are babies! Woman, you do not allow your baby to grow as fast as everyone else. Must concentrate

response from sheloves_dablues
you think a child is ready to talk is still rife for preschoolers? Good grief … school begins at age 5 (kindergarten). PRE school before that – at age 4

reply by Ethel 3 years old and potty trained
until they start school or reach the age of 7 years, whichever comes first answer by Jenna is
After Ontario Nurseries Act 1.7 the beginning of the “toddler” age. The business areas are: Infant: Birth – 1.6 (18 months) Toddler: 1.7 to 2.6 Preschool: 2.7 to 3.8 Kindergarten: 3.9 – Grade 1Schule age: Grade 1 and Over

response from Momma G
1 year old is too young. Preschool starts at 4 Jahren.Gib it a few more years 🙂 My oldest starts kindergarten next week and I will miss him like crazy, even though he is more than ready.

response from Kelly Jones
lol, if he go for 2, then the elementary school will begin at 3 …. no, but the 4 and then start school at 5! ur child is just now about to go the toddler class 🙂

answer by Alexa
between years two and three old. You start school 5 so four leaves it a bit late. I worked in a nursery for a while and the youngest child was two and began a month before her second birthday. That was because she had learning difficulties and had to learn with other children more as you go and speak properly and learn social skills like the other mix and they were concerned, it could be longer dauern.Lol Kelly’s preschool toddler Class.

response from notmyfirstrodeo
homeschooling starts Geburt.Diejenigen who use the government school system, seem to think that “pre-school” sounds more impressive than “Kindergarten”, the much better than “I will not take the trouble to actually raise my own child to be” sounds – it’s all the same though. The age you start preschool age has nothing to do with age starting kindergarten. Many children go through several years of preschool age. Local prek-2, prek – 3 and pre-k 4 have become popular marketing Gimmicks.Wenn you seriously believe that you will not be able to keep with what to learn the average 4-year-old needs, you should not breed true .

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