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Posted in Child Support on 10th January 2012

Child Support ? What does it mean for us?

Child support is a right for every child, it is a payment made to child by their parents who doesn’t wish to keep the child with them. There could be many reasons for that, we are not going in deep of that but being a child it is right to get paid for their maintenance, career, future and the most important for living the life according to them. There are two main conditions when the child needs financial support from his/her parents. The first one is when a couple having children and then split up and the second one is two people have children and they are not living together now. In both conditions, parents take responsibilities of financial help to their children when marriage and relationships end.

Now the question is how it works? There are certain laws and rules for this. A person get hired by parents to take care of child and that person can be anyone other than parents, he or she can be friend, relative, grandparents or someone else. His or her role is to take care of the child like a parents and he or she will get paid by the original parents of that child. We use a standard formula to calculate how much child support must be paid by the original parents and its all depends on the life style of the parents and child, the expense of study, lodging and feeding and any other expenses.

There are certain conditions to qualify for the child support like he or she must be under 18(depends on country or states law), not married and not financially dependent. The parents will pay to children until they turn 18 or they start living with their parents. The conditions could be different in different countries or states and its all depends on their law for child support. However the basics are same, we enforce parents to support their child which is called child support enforcement and we assign collection work to someone for collecting the child support which is called child support collections.

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