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Posted in Child Support on 2nd March 2011

Child Support under Washington State Family Law

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In Washington, the legislature has found that all parents have a responsibility to support their children, and that each child has a right to support from both parents. Furthermore, everyone knows the phrase, “dead beat dad (or mom)” and the problems it can cause. As a result, Washington State family law on child support makes it easy for an order of child support to be entered against a non-custodial parent, either by a Superior Court or an administrative agency. While it is fair to require all parents to support their children, the orders entered against non-custodial parents are not always fair payment requirements or back support amounts, especially if that parent was not represented by a competent Washington State family law attorney.

Child support is arguably more than just a legal requirement; it is an ethical requirement to support one’s children. But sometimes the zeal with which orders are pursued means the real facts and circumstances of each case are not given fair consideration. Washington State Family Law requires that the accurate incomes of both parties be considered. Furthermore, there may be facts and circumstances which preclude a obligor (paying parent) from paying what would be the full amount, like being temporarily unemployed or disabled. While Washington State family law policy is not to allow a parent to be free of a child support obligation due to such circumstances, the law does aim to be fair.

If you anticipate having a child support order entered against you through a divorce, paternity, or other Washington State Family Law action, contact McKinley Irvin and speak to one of our family law attorneys. We have extensive experience in child support actions, and we can make sure that your side gets a fair hearing. Children deserve support, but parents deserve to be treated fairly when determining that support. The Washington State Family Law lawyers at McKinley Irvin can do just that for you.

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The author is a Washington State Family Law student. Please visit McKinley Irvin for more information.

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