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Posted in Child Support on 21st December 2013

childsupport on ex, what if he keeps son from me?
So I finally childsupport not going to help on the ex, I was just tired of him and do his part when I said to my friend, she said “U hope that your son is the day you get ur ex with you the papers say that you are putting child benefit “, which had me thinking, I’m sure he will be angry, but what if he does keep my son away from me? What can I do if it happens. I do not have custody, but my son has always lived with me and just goes with his father on the weekends. I am currently trying to custody to bekommen.Jede help would be appreciated Best Answer (s):.

hotwheels122287 answer
without custody instead he is entitled to his son for as long as he wants to keep it exactly as you have that same right.

LovesTheConstitution answer
say: “I am currently trying to get custody.” That should mean that you have an attorney. Ask to Optionen.Wenn you have your lawyer a lawyer, you are not trying to get custody.

bleuroze answer
twice within moments of each other Asked? Guess before the reading, that our answers would crap kannte.Wie told you have no custody / Visit Contract have currently? Have you ever been married? If no to both, then you have to add the Sorgerecht.Nur if you, a deposit / Visitation to do on the spot, then the child after the order back anyway. Either way, you have no problem.

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