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Posted in Child Support on 13th June 2012

Child support questions.?
My dad hasn’t paid on any of his back child support for almost 6 years now. In fact, he only paid out 5-10 checks since I was a baby. He was paying $ 212 a month and only paid out about $ 2000 since I was little. I was told he still owes “back child support”, but was never told what I could do to collect that money. I am now 20 years old and am going off to live on my own. I do work full time, but am also attending school. That money could help me out so much more to help me get along with school and such. He came from a high class family and I seriously doubt he hasn’t worked once since the last time he paid a check out. What would my options on collecting that back child support?

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Answer by guns n’ roses
talk to a lawyer, or social services.

Answer by marie
If you and/or your mom knows where your dad works and/or has his social security number, she should be able to go to the family court services where their divorce was filed and request to have his wages attached. He’s a dead beat dad and if he won’t pay willingly, the courts can force him to pay by taking the money out of his paycheck. A friend of mine is still collecting back child support for her son whose now 24 yrs old. I went to the family court services and had my ex’s wages attached because he wouldn’t pay every month as the courts had ordered him to. He had to make up every single cent he owed me.

I don’t know if you as the child can collect it. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask them. You should be able to find a number for them for your area.

I’m sorry that has happened. Unfortunately, it’s not very uncommon.

Best Wishes!

Answer by Jennifer K
I believe that once you turn 18 you have no recourse to collect back child support. You are an adult now and have made it through life even with a dead-beat dad and he has no more legal responsibility to you (even though he sure as h has a moral one.)

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