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Posted in Child Support on 30th January 2012

Child Support Order with 50/50 Parenting time?
Does anyone know how in the world laws exist that allow one parent to get “child support” from another parent when they share 50/50 parenting time with the kids? It seems to me that having the kids 50% of the time inherantly assures each parent is providing their appropriate portion of responsibility for their children. How can one parent be held more than 50% responsible for their kids? It is an equal responsibility and anything above that is nothing more than desguised allamony to the other parent. I believe when you create a child, you assume your 50% responsibility and only more if the other parent is lax at providing theirs. I have heard it is to make lifestyles at both homes “equal”. Why would that be a goal anyway/ Has this ever proven beneficial to the kids? What is wrong with the kids seeing how each parent chooses to make their way (baring poverty etc)? I am blown away by this freakish premise. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

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Answer by kariweber_17
you you are the father of the child and you have the child less than 5 days of the week, the courts can make you pay child support. GOOD LUCK

Answer by flutterbye71108
My husband had joint legal custody of his daughter with his ex, but because she has “residential” custody he pays her $ 300 a month is child support. On top of carrying her medical and dental insurance and paying 55% of mom’s unreimbursed medical expenses and 55% of mom’s daycare expenses. So basically we have her half the week, and pay all of her expenses, when she’s with us and when she’s with mom. The court could care less that between moms income and child support she nets $ 1900 while we try to survive on $ 1000. I dont know what state you live in but NY is one of the most biased states in the country. I know a father whose wife walked out on him and their 5 kids, he took her to court and was awarded full custody because she didn’t want them but when he tried to get child support he was denied. Not to mention child support does not make lifestyles at the homes equal. It means mom can use her and her boyfriend’s paychecks to support themselves and then take the child support and spoil the child and themselves so that they look like the “better” parent because they buy the kid whatever they want and the kid has no idea that mom is really buying all of this stuff with DAD’s hard-earned money.

Answer by Christine C
It all comes down to the residential custody, what is the child’s main address. it sucks but that’s how it is.

Answer by ♥Heather Leigh♥
The reason behind it is the Courts want the child to have the same living standards when with each parent. They split the income down the middle and then figure out what a parent has to pay to make the incomes equal. (or something like that)

It makes no sense to me either. My ex was ordered to pay me child support, but I refused it because we had a 50/50 custody agreement. For the most part it worked out pretty good. Sometimes I feel that I have more financial responsibility, but usually if I point it out to him he steps up.

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