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Posted in Child Support on 4th July 2012

Child support money and school clothes?
My ex wife agreed o $ 300.00 a month…(my paycheck is garnished bi monthly) Now, she is asking me to pay for some school clothes,school shoes,and what ever else I want. I DONT MIND. But is that why she gets “child support”.

Let me say now before any cheap shots….I am going to any way because I want to “participate” in my sons life and well being. …with that said…she would be PISSED if I didnt help with school clothes. Is’nt she wrong ? Its my option to pitch in. AND I will because I love my little boy. My minnie me. 🙂

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Answer by wildflower c
First of all, it’s a good thing that you want to help your son regardless of the figure for child support to which you agreed. I can see both sides of the arguement, yes, normally that money would go for all his clothing and other needs. However, $ 300 a month isn’t really all that much when trying to raise a child and provide for everything that he needs (even if she’s kicking in the other half – still $ 600 could easily be spent on a child’s needs). I could see where depending on her circumstances, paying for his school clothes and all his school supplies would be difficult. It could be argued that she should have saved some of the money knowing this expense was coming, but we don’t know what other circumstances there were. Again, I applaud you for being there for your son and making sure he has everything he needs.

Answer by jenny s
I completely agree with Wildflower. Technically, yes, the $ 300 should be going to school clothes and things like that but as she stated $ 300 is not a lot to get each month. For example, my daycare costs were more than $ 300 per month before my son started school so the $ 300 would get used up pretty quickly.
She has no right to be pissed if you don’t contribute but I’m sure she would be appreciative if you do and you are being a good guy to help. I know I am appreciative when my ex does things like that from time to time (he usually chips in for some school clothes or pays for haircuts along the year) and I get quite a bit more than $ 300 per month. Every little bit helps to make your son’s life better.

Answer by Sheila
As a long time reciever of child support on my two older boys (now 17 and 19), yes, the child support is really supposed to be used for school clothes. You might offer to help him with his actual supplies, just out of the goodness of your heart, and also that would be something nice to do together. Most Walmart stores have the supplies lists for school. You could take him and pick out his backpack and get his necessities to put in it. AND for those who may not know some states (including mine) automatically garnish child support whenever possible, you don’t even have to be in arrears.
PS She should not be pissed if you won’t help, again, that’s what the money she is already getting is for.

Answer by axhandlebill
paycheck is garnished bi monthly ? You know that says allot. $ 300.00 a month for one child where I live is allot, but where I’m from its not enough.Now figure this $ 3.00 x90 meals a day Is $ 270.00 for food, Now lets wash clothes 2 loads a week that’s 8×2=16×3.00=$ 48.00 remember clothes, wash rags towels, soap bleach softener,water and sewer has to be figured here. Now Mon has to have a roof over his head hummmm.Say $ 150.00 mo.??little low wouldn’t you say…now figure heating and air…now figure transportation to doctor, school, trip to zoo, parks and church…..I could go on with this but , Yes she should ask you to help and you should help, or raise your child support to lets say 1/2 of your wages! good thing you didn’t have 2-3 kids Huhhh….

Answer by MissKnowItAll
I understand what you’re saying and agree with you so no cheap shot here.

Theorhetically, yes your child support is to cover the costs of raising the child. I can see unexpected medical and dental expenses being outside child support…. That said, usually at the beginning of the school year there is a shopping binge so the child will have decent clothes, and CAN be an additional burdensome expense (however, some people do budget for it and save accordingly). SO demanding more money from you is in my opinion the ‘wrong’ thing for her to do.
Fortunately, you see that this is an opportunity to spoil your mini-you. Someday he will understand where the money for extra things came from.

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