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Posted in Child Support on 17th May 2011

Child Support Lawyers Can Negotiate Your Payments

Article by Abraham Avotina

Child custody proceedings can be stressful and uncomfortable. Although it is always best to settle these disputes out of court, sometimes these cases can be too complicated to avoid judicial proceedings. Child support lawyers can be priceless help during these custody proceedings, especially if the parents have come to a decision to share custody of their children. While most states have some form of joint custody, there are some issues that can arise from deciding a fair judgment for child support.

Many times in divorce proceedings, child custody is the least disputed factor because the parents do not want to cause more stress for their children with a long custody battle. However, finances can create many disputes between couples, especially if one parent has majority custody of the children. There are many expenses associated with raising children beyond the basic food and clothing standards. For instance, parents are required to carry health insurance for their children. Additionally, many families send their children to private school, or participate in sport clubs that carry membership fees.

In the event of a divorce, the parents must decide who will carry some of the financial burdens associated with raising children. While many parents can come to some agreement on child support and financial responsibilities on their own, there are many cases when both parties will need a specialized lawyer to negotiate fair child support payments in a court of law. These types of payments are based on many factors including custody, parental income, as well as the children’s expenses. Many times, the family court will come to a decision about these payments without considering many of these factors. Having a child support lawyer can help you present a case to the court to petition for more payments.

Most divorcing couples will only need to hire a divorce attorney to negotiate a fair judgment for child support payments because the payments are usually covered in a divorce decree, or agreement. However, there are many cases involving non-married couples with children, or one parent may need to file a motion to modify the payments. In these instances, child custody and support will be the only issues. Therefore, a divorce lawyer will not have the experience to handle this type of case. Finding a good child support lawyer might be as simple as asking for a recommendation from a divorce lawyer. Both of these types of lawyers are experienced in family law, and many times they will work together on divorce proceedings.

Consider a free consultation with a specialized lawyer before hiring one to assist you in your custody or specific case. If there is a parent who has fallen behind in their payments, many family courts will appoint the appropriate lawyer at no cost to the custodial parent. Some of these types of lawyers will basetheir fees on a contingency basis. This means their client does not owe their attorney any money if the attorney does not win the case for their client.

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