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child support issues?
Just kind of looking for some advice and/or opinions that are respectful…
I will try to streamline this as much as possible, so to make a very long story short…

My husband is ordered to pay $ 892 per month for his two children of a previous marriage. He has always been very generous in helping his ex-wife with “other” expenses, and even agreed to her request of paying her a lump sum for child support in the amount of approximately $ 50,000.

Five years after their divorce, he married me and we now have a child. Since she wasn’t happy about this, she never credited his account for the $ 50k, and I know that this is his own fault for paying her directly, but we do have a copy of the cleared check noted “child support” in the memo and are working with an attorney to receive the credit.

Somewhat unrelated, he has also given her numerous “loans” for very large amounts, totaling approximately $ 80,000 in addition to the child support payment. We also understand that this is not related to child support and it is again his fault, but the fact remains that she has not attempted to repay any of that amount. Our attorney suggested perhaps looking into small claims court for this issue.

Another relevant piece of information is that my husband is now earning a lesser income than when he was divorced, but has been denied child support payment modification because his decrease of income was considered involuntary (even though he was disabled, out of work for 12 months, and had difficulty when he returned to work). Our child is not taken into account for modification.

As I said, I am just looking for some advice that might seem helpful, since we are not sure what else we can do at this point in what seems like an unjust situation. If you do not agree that this is unfair, I ask that you are at least respectful to the facts of this situation if you choose to offer your opinion.
**correction: his decrease of income was considered voluntary (NOT involuntary)

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Answer by Amelia J
If you have an attorney he should be able to answer all of these questions. I would not look for advice on a message board like this. Good luck.

Answer by krystaldlrs
This just sounds wrong and I believe a good attorney can help you. I don’t think the attorney you have now is doing a very good job. Also get together whatever proof of loans you have and file a civil suit against her. Most jurisdictions will only allow $ 5000 but some will allow more.

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