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Posted in Child Support on 14th June 2012

Child support issue?
Ex handed me papers to get his license re-instated and to lower his child support. He say’s it’s the child support’s fault that he got let go because they took away his license and he needs it back to get a job.

He didn’t pay for 2 full years, and child support “Is in the process of taking him to court for non-compliance, and for contempt of court” but there paperwork isn’t in yet

Can they rush it so the judge will talk about both or do you think that the judge will even give his license back it’s been suspended since November, he has no reason for it he drives without it already.

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Answer by Crazeddoglady
Baloney – until he steps up to the plate don’t give him an inch! He got into this. Its not the child support’s fault, its his.

Answer by americanfreeman
1) Until he is up to date, he will not get his license back
2) If he gets caught driving w/o a license he is in for trouble.

3) You can both go back to family court to review the subject. It is NOT child supports fault he lost his license. It is HIS for not supporting his child and being a deadbeat dad.

Answer by clayshell_love
give him a chance to be able to make the money to pay his child support. Just beacuse you have a child together & he left doesn’t give you the right to try & ruin him. Give the guy a break & a chance to get on his feet & make better so he can help support his child. IF you keep running him down or cutting his feet out from under him evertime he get ahead you are being an unfair human being to him, your child , & yourself.

Answer by snjas1
It is VERY likely that the child support office are the ones who suspended his license. They are allowed to do that if you don’t pay your support. BUT it is not their fault that he lost his job. If he would have paid his support, they wouldn’t have taken his license. He could go to the DMV & ask for work privlages, & the judge is unlikely to return his license to him until he gets his back support all paid up in full.

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