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Posted in Child Support on 12th November 2011

Child Support Increase in FL?
I live in Florida and established child support from my then soon-to-be ex-husband for my daughter when she was about 4 months old. I didn’t ask for “back child support”, nor child care coverage, nor health coverage, just the basics because I was somewhat afraid of any drama/violence that would follow from the child support being “too high”. Of course I greatly regret this now and need more than the $ 243 that is supposed to come every month. My ex doesn’t even pay regularly, and seems like he’s going to continue to wait to the end of the year for his tax return to be taken, which is hard on me. My daughter is almost 18 months now and needs to be in daycare so that I can work and go back to school this fall full-time. And my mom has to get a 2nd job in the day to help meet our expenses, so she can’t volunteer her time to babysit anymore. I was told that my child must already be in daycare for me to request an increase in child support, but I can’t afford $ 550/month alone. My ex also claimed he was unemployed when establishing child support, but I found out he’s working some online job and he won’t give me any info to make an update with CSE. CSE told me that I need proof, like a paystub, as if he would ever give me such a thing! What can I do? Also, can I get compensation for the in-home child care that has been provided by my family and I all this time? Thank you.

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Answer by Chewy
go to a lawyer, He has to pay you if he is getting an income.

Answer by George McCasland
Is he unemployed like most fathers are in this Mancession?

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