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Posted in Child Support on 12th June 2012

Child support hearing?
I have court today. The state is taking my ex-husband to court for “Order to show cause, as to why he shouldn’t be incaserated due to non payment of child support” He hasn’t paid anything in 2 years, he is 20,000.00 behind in his child support obligation to my children. Will he actually be thrown in jail, since I know for sure he has no good cause. I don’t know what throwing him in jail will really accomplish but maybe it will give himm some time to realize he needs to get on the ball and get a job and pay up his obligations. He has lost every hearing so far, and I know he doesn’t have a lawyer. We just have the state lawyer but they don’t take sides. So, what may happen? What would you think a judge would do?

2 years without payment
Not working
Still has his drivers liscense but the state already requested to revoke it

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Answer by oisian88
wow, it sounds like his life sucks.
It’s hard to say what the judge will do because it varies. He certainly has the possibility of going to jail, although that certainly won’t improve his chances of getting a job later, will it?
I wish you all luck, and mostly the kids. take care and try to enjoy the holidays

Answer by tech_deckrider
I dont know… I’m not even 18 yet but my mom and dad (Still married its my dad who is divorced from another lady) but form what I can make of it… Sorry to tell you this but i can see thatgoing both ways! šŸ™ IF you want him in jhail then try to dig up some dirt on him b4 the hearing! I dont watch those law shows, but wheit comes to childsupport… beleive me… the mothers always right even if she didnt let the dad see her daughter for 13 years of her livfe and only has spent 2 xmases and 2 tthanks giveings and a cuple b-days….. then yeah! the mother is always right they treat the dad the Cr*p!

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