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Posted in Child Support on 11th June 2012

child support for shared custidy?
So my boyfriend is getting a divorce from his wife and they have kids between them.

I am British, She is German and he is American (we all live in Germany and they were married here)

They have agreed upon 50/50 custody with her having them through out the week for school and him having them every weekend and holidays (which accumulates to 50%)

How will child support be done? How would it work where you are from? were trying to get a fair idea of how this will work.

As obviously the mother is usually paid child support for the kids. But if she has them 50% and he has them 50% then surely his “child support” will be him taking care of them for his half of the year and her taking care for and paying for them her 50% of the year.

help would be brilliant and if you have any smart ass comments keep them to yourselves or i will simply report you.

Agreed sorry I shall rephrase that.

( as obviously the parent with full custidy usually gains the child support payment )
I think barb may be right about the one earning the most “topping up” the others funds however what happens if one of them is intentionally living off the state. Getting goverment benefits not working intentionally?

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Answer by Slugsie
As far as I know here in the UK if the custody is 50/50 then there shouldn’t be any child support payments. To me that’s exactly as it should be.

BTW, it’s the parent with majority custody that gets child support irrespective of their sex. I’m a father who has custody of his daughter and gets child support from my ex.

Answer by Barb Outhere
Here both parents income is taken into consideration, and if one earns considerably less, they may receive a “top up” through child support even in 50/50 custody. That way the child doesn’t live rough half the time and flush the other. Well that’s the theory anyway.

***Edit – If one is “deliberately living off the state” the State often makes it a requirement of receiving that payment, that they must go for child support – at least in Australia they do.

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