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Posted in Child Support on 7th July 2012

child support for shared custidy?
So my boyfriend is getting a divorce from his wife and they have kids between them.

I am British, She is German and he is American (we all live in Germany and they were married here)

They have agreed upon 50/50 custody with her having them through out the week for school and him having them every weekend and holidays (which accumulates to 50%)

How will child support be done? How would it work where you are from? were trying to get a fair idea of how this will work.

As obviously the mother is usually paid child support for the kids. But if she has them 50% and he has them 50% then surely his “child support” will be him taking care of them for his half of the year and her taking care for and paying for them her 50% of the year.

help would be brilliant and if you have any smart *** comments keep them to yourselves or i will simply report you.


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Answer by Dani nz
I live in a completely different country but Ill tell you how it is here.

if you go 50/50 the parent who earns the most, still has to pay a little extra to the other parent. if both parents earn exactly the same, then it would even out and no one would pay extra.

However here, you can have a private arrangement (and as far as I know you can in any country) where you both agree on how much is being paid (as long as the lower income earner isnt on a governent benefit) which can usually be easier if they are on talking terms

this of course is how it is in NZ, so I dont know about Germany

Answer by notcrazyunwell
Well I live in America and our laws may or may not be the same as yours.

Here, the parents can agree to have no child support order as long as neither of them is on state aid. If one parent makes so little that they need state aid to make ends meet, then the other parent has to pay child support to try to make up the income so the parent on state aid can discontinue use. This is usually the case when a mother has custody and father has to pay out the a$ $ in child support. For shared parenting, it would probably work about the same with the parent who makes more being the one to pay child support. My husband’s parents had an amiable divorce, but my father-in-law makes more so he gives my mother-in-law child support every month to help with her bills.

I would assume that your boyfriend and his wife will work out whether there needs to be a support order. I have no idea about this woman, but if she’s bitter about the break up she’ll probably demand it. If she’s financially well off and glad to be rid of him, then she’ll probably allow no support order since he will be providing for the children 50% of the time.

Answer by Dorian Modra
You can use the child support calculators for any US state to get an idea:

Internationally, most countries try to follow the standards set out by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Factsheet here:

Dorian Modra

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