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Posted in Child Support on 8th July 2011

Child Support Enforcement-The Critical Issues For Dads In Child Custody Battles

Child support enforcement arises after the conclusion of a child custody fight when a relationship breaks down and when there is a child or children involved.

Regardless of the outcome as to who has won custody or whether joint custody or sole custody is awarded, a child support order is made (either by agreement or ordered by the court for the non custodial parent to pay child custody to the custodial parent for the maintenance and upkeep of the child.

A child support agreement is invariably made an order of court and consequently the failure to stick to the agreement and pay up is a serious matter and a clear breach of a court order.

The Office Of Child Support Enforcement
The Office of Child Support Enforcement is obliged by the Social Security Act to ensure that child support arrangements are adhered to. In each state of the U.S. the program of child support enforcement is enforced by a law enforcement agency (generally) in each state.

The agency responsible for the enforcement of the program has considerable powers to ensure the enforcement of the agreement. The office will have access to computer records to locate the non custodial parent and can then exercise considerable powers in an attempt to force the payment of what is due.

This can involve sale of property, withholding refunds of taxes, notification of credit bureaus. The agency concerned will have, in many cases, agreements with local banks and financial institutions to freeze accounts belonging to the non paying parent.

Most worryingly of all, if there is more than ,500 due in child support, they can ensure that your passport is not renewed and can see to the withholding of any licenses that you may hold such as professional licenses, driving licenses etc.

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