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Posted in Child Support on 23rd January 2011

Child Support Enforcement Guidelines for Jacksonville, Florida

The purpose of child support is to provide for financial needs of children until the age of majority (18-21 years old) is reached. Payment of child support is no longer required if a court rules a child to be emancipated due to marriage, self-supporting capability or if the child is placed in a juvenile facility.


The parent not living with the child must pay child support. In some states the payment of child support can apply to joint-custody agreements.


The amount of child support is calculated using guidelines set forth under the Federal Government Child Support Recovery Act. The three sets of guidelines are Income Share Formula, Percentage Income Flat Rate Formula and Melson Formula. Regardless of the formula used, the amount owed is based on parental income, consideration of special needs such as tutorial,medical or therapy, along with economic situation of non-custodial parent.


Other considerations included in the Federal Guidelines are investments, income received from disability, Social Security, Veteran’s or other types of potential income such as gifts, inheritance, overtime pay, second jobs etc.


Under regulations for child support enforcement Jacksonville, the custodial parent is prohibited from refusing support in return for the other parent agreeing to give up visitation rights. If parents are not satisfied with the findings concluded ten days are allowed for either parent to file a ‘Motion to Vacate’ order as a part of child support enforcement Jacksonville.


The Federal Guidelines require child support enforcement Jacksonville fl to conduct a hearing presided over by a judge or court sanctioned hearing officer. During the procedure, the presiding officer has the duty to evaluate evidence and forward a conclusion based on findings regarding the case in the form of an order to the circuit court judge. Under the Child Support Recovery Act the non-custodial parent’s legal right to visitation cannot be denied.

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