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Posted in Child Support on 30th November 2010

Child Support “based” or debased denials of civil rights are frequently made on the basis not of non-payment.?
Instead, organized criminal activity in the court rooms themselves from the benches themselves by the “great robed ones themselves” are the basis of continued and excessive “punitive” actions regarding already paid child support.

Think about it. If Al Capone “could not have been convicted in Chicago” who that any emerging Al Capone “really hates” such as any emerging untouchable will not find that just as I have found local courts are infinitely corruptible, and that no other courts will here one word of that truth, “regarding an already decided issue”.

So why is it so many women are enthralled by de@dbeat daddy laws? Statistics tell anyone who will bother to look that the nation’s children are far more impoverished by such ridicule of the judicial system’s ability to restrain itself from absolute power ! Why do women support unenforceable”rhetorical” laws that do not even attempt to meet children’s basic needs, but rather strives to incorporate “alimony”
principles into a punitive ordenance thordnancet silly policemen to allow “action” on ?

If meeting children’s basic needs were the motive behind child support laws ther would be no impution of income but rather a flat fee per child. No impution of income whatsoever possible means that the corrupt courts cannot order an income earned outside of any reality attainable in this world (without Al Capone’s “help”). That way, the father could not be ordered rhetorically to love Al Capone. Cause if the Al Capone loving courts would not be allowed to make “political” “judgements” as to “why” the father were not rich (muttering to themselves as they “respectfull of Al’s Graces” snort Al’s free Cocaine and receive the free services of Al’s “working girls” : “Al rewards those who love him this guy needs to be taught a lesson in how much “we all love ~ and should love ~ Al Capone…”).

So while we all know that rich women can get “theirs” from rich hubbies whenever said rich women are indeed the companions of lackey officials? What do normal women get? The dream of seducing a court lackie, or an emerging Al Capone?

Or is it true that election rigging is so commonplace it is only the fool that believes in present US election practices that thinks women feel this way, and vote this way?
No, Elwood, you are an a$ $ I’m afreared for having made A$ $ umptions…

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Answer by Elwood Blues
Am I correct in assuming you owe child support and are upset about it? Sorry, bud, you gotta take responsibility.

Answer by PTL
Oh, God, it is a “Femenist” thing. They divorce. They have kids. Oh, how can I get the most from the least? I can use this child against my ex. Women want the rewards of a man’s wallet without the rewards of the man himself.

Those stupid bitches are the worst! They marry you, have kids, find another man and hook you for everything you are worth. In some states it doesn’t matter if she makes more than you. You are rooked in the court system. (depending on the state}

I don’t know about Al Capone but there are states that want equal justice for the custodial parent given their former lives. A divorce doctor’s child should get what (s)he would have gotten if they were still in the custody of their parents if they were married. Let’s say a Dr. make 200,000 a year. Mrs. Dr. or Dr. divorces their mate. They have a child. The child would have reaped alot. Brand named clothes and shoes and the top of the line whatever at school. Now they are divorced. Dr. refuses to pay because wife is a bitch. He fights it in court. He is the “upstanding” citizen. Wife is just a wife. Child suffers unless court sides with her. Wife and child are stuck.

He refuses to pay. He’s a Dr. for God’s sake. He donates to charity organizations.

On the other hand, Joe Blow got a divorce. His old lady refuses visitation and he can’t pay child support and “live”. He is going to jail. The more times he goes to jail the higher his contempts of court go. He is looking at prison.

Women can get men in so much trouble, I agree. There are ways around it. YOU take off with the kids if you sense trouble. Posession is 9/10’s of the law. If there are no custody orders or child support orders listed then you are the man!

Be a MAN and do the right thing. Be a WOMAN and do the right thing. She is not selling “visitation” tickets and you are not buying. Visitation is not a buy and sell thing. You are awareded or not. She is awarded or not. Your visation and her support or your visitation or support. Grow up!!!! You had this kid together and you WILL raise it together. (Unless one night stand and nobody is at fault) Keep it in yourselves pants. If you are horny and chemicaly influenced then your partner at the time is not liable. yous a ho or they got lucky thanks to you.

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