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Posted in Child Support on 23rd December 2011

Child support arrears?
Ex husband owes 20,000.00 in child support and it’s all “Past due child support”

We have court tomorrow, what will happen to him?

He hasn’t tried to get a job, and if he has, it’s been 2 years that he either worked cash job, or “what he calls “Tried” to get a job. I know he had one job but never gave me any money for the children.

What will happen? IT’s with a state hearing officer at the court house..will they give him 3 weeks to get a job and if he doesn’t have one will they throw him in jail, or will they throw him in jail tomorrow?
Need I say that the motion for the order says “He has to show good cause as to why he shouldn’t be incarserated

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Answer by wizjp
Doubt they will jail him tomorrow; probably try and work out a payment schedule and give him 30 days to get it implimented or face contempt and loss of license among other issues; maybe jail then. Paperwork filed for garnishment of bank accounts and tax returns as well.
(I’m sure he will find good cause; thus 30 days)

Answer by m.linzi
hey there my ex hubby owed me 15.000.00 in child support arrears
1 year ago he appealed for a change of assesment as he said he couldnt afford to pay me and he was granted this change, the csa wiped his 15.000.00 debt clean and changed my monthly payment from 980 to 230 per month .
i appealed back in july and lost and today have been to court over this matter and as he is in another country his case has to be heard before a desision will be made
so fight for everything you can get as i have been trying to do for the past year
good luck with it !!!!!

Answer by Free and equal
Good cause is that if he lived with his kids and you looked after him and them properly he could WORK and YOU would have then a LOT more cash and WE the TAXPAYERS would be saved his incarceration fees (a heck of a lot of cash) and we would be saved your support AND hell, you might, even, would you believe PAY YOUR FAIR TAX as a responsible FAMILY !
Sorry to sound tough, please try it for the sake of your own kids.
You’re welcome to my cash anytime, I love paying tax, but not all people do !
Chin up !
As we say in UK !

Answer by Nikki
Here I thought I had it bad because my ex owes me over $ 5000. But hey my baby is 3, guess he will catch up in years to come, but to answer your question, more than likely they will not throw him in jail. They will probably give the sap another chance to “find” a job. But maybe they will do something if you show them proof that he had employment and he gave you nothing.

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