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Posted in Child Support on 21st December 2010

Child support “and” visitation?
Hi Guys!
I was just wondering about something.

Well my biological father whom I have not seen in years and have no desire to at that, molested my older sister a while back.
My mom is trying to find out if he is out of prison and if he is she wants to request for child support, but if they do make him pay child support would that make him qualify for visitation rights? I really don’t want to see him…ever. So this little bit of unknown information has been tugging on my mind all day and if you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated!
(please no rude comments, that is just stupid and immature)
p.s. my mom, brother,and step dad are in CA. Sister in Wy. And my bio father lives in La

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Answer by messiah_says
You do not pay child support so you can have the services of the child as one would rent a limo…you are obligated because it is the law. No court would allow visitation but they all would grant you a portion of his wages. Stiff him for what he’s worth if anything at all.

Answer by pikachu
i don’t know where you live. but in maryland, child support enforcement makes sure that the father gets some kind of visitation if he is paying support (assuming he isn’t insane or a criminal or something). however, being that your dad is a criminal, there may be some way around that because he did harm to your sister, so it really isn’t in her best interests to be around him.

Answer by pure silk
If your dad went to prison for molesting your sister, then he may not be allowed to be around you, your sister or any kids, period. I’m sure their are limitations to who he can see and who he is allowed to be around. And your mother will be the one to find out. For your safety.

Answer by nodumgys
your not going to have to visit him and the fact that he’s a convict your not likely to see any money from him either. im not trying to be rude, its just unlikely.

Answer by kim h
Paying child support does not automatically give visitation. He needs to help pay for his kids. She should have done this before and quit waiting to get it done. You do not give your age but kids mostly over 10 (it varies state to state and county to county) talk to the kids when they do not want to go and they listen to the reasons why. If he was in for molesting your sister there is no way they will want him around you. The courts are for what is in the best interest of the child and keeping that child safe.

Answer by pharm_docs
No – he would have to petition the court for some sort of visitation, and since he’s a convicted molester, the best he could possibly hope for is (after a lot of therapy and evaluation) for supervised visits – most likely taking place in a psychiatrist’s office, ward, or with a law enforcement officer present.

Don’t worry – a lot of this would be dependent upon doctor’s working with both of you, and with a lot of court appearances. He’d have to spend an enormous amount wading through legal hell to get there.

Answer by Mildred
I cannot say for sure but I believe he can request visitation. however, the judge may not grant such based on his record. As for the support. When i was younger my mother had my fathers wages garnished to collect back child support. This only lasted until he told the payroll people to stop. So there is legal ways to recover support.

Answer by faccialabukina
Child support is to support the child with basic needs. No family court judge in their right mind would grant visitation to someone who is currently serving time and/or has sexually abused their offspring. He can request, you, your mother or who ever can contest it stating the valid reasons such as the abuse. If he is in prison, you will be collecting support from the state and they will in turn go after him when and if he ever becomes employed.

Answer by sheloves_dablues
Child support is not “payment” for seeing the kids. Child support is a legal financial obligation. Visitation is a right that is granted to parents who choose to have a healthy relationship with thier child. A man who is a convicted pedophile does not have healthy relationships with children.

If you’re over 16, nobody can force you to visit with a convicted criminal. If you’re between 14-16, your wishes may be taken into consideration.. Still not likely that you’d be forced to visit with a convicted criminal.

Answer by Papa Bear
***No, they are separate issues, and even with a false allegation of child sexual abuse, a father loses visitation rights. If he’s been convicted of it, and it was based on an actual event, than no, he won’t get access, even if he’s paying child support.

And yes, a false allegation can get a father jailed. There was a case in 1995 involving a 12 year old girl, who at age 7, was coerced in accusing the father of sexual abuse. When she was 12, she demanded to get her father’s name cleared and get him out of jail. She learned that soon after being jailed, he was killed by other inmates, as sexual abusers are not treated well in prison. The day after learning that, she killed herself.

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