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Child support amounts in the state of Florida?
My fiance states that he has been paying child support, but this week his paycheck had 360 dollars taken out with the description of “garnishment child support” Supposedly the agreement is 240 bimonthly, so either he’s lying to me or, according to him, the ex has the ability to modify it. Since I think that is a little far fetched, I wanted the masses opinion. Can anyone out there tell me what is actually going on?
Let me modify this. I assume twice a month he pays child support as he gets paid every two weeks. Supposedly they have a court ordered agreement of 480 a month. So for 360 to get taken out of one pay check has me concerned. I assume he would have gotten paperwork if his child support had been modified.

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Answer by Y! Groups Dads House Ed. Center
She can get it modified, if he did not show up for the hearing, but there also may have been an automatic review, and modification, which takes place every 36 months, under federal law.

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Answer by Mesha
the most that can be garnished is 25% in FL but it depends like if he has back child support he didnt pay like if he was jobless for a year. This site will tell you what his payments should be. No such thing as bi-monthly child support. I know this is hard on you but kids are not cheap. I know people get upset and think the mom should just deal with it or think the kid can not cost that much money.

Personally I do not get anything. Me and my ex have an agreement that I don’t want child support but if I need help lets say the electric is higher than normal I will tell him I need help or if our son needs new cloths ill ask him to go buy half. I don’t care about money. As long as he keeps to the agreement he will save money. because me asking for anything I am sure is 500 or less a year. So he would rather help when I need the help than me get him for child support where they will take a lot out.

If the amount is too high have him take her to court and have it looked at again.

Answer by bleuroze
She can not modify it without cause or without summoning him to court. He has an opportunity to be present if she seeks a modification.

I’m not sure about the automatic three year review by federal law. This is certainly not happening in any child support cases in my state. We are “encouraged” by the court to review finances with each other every two years, but that’s it.

What I might wonder is, what reason would he have to lie to you? And what reason would you have to examine his paycheck stubs for the information?

Btw, my ex is ordered $ 539, but what I get may be more to cover arrears if he earns enough or less, causing him to go further into arrears, if he doesn’t work enough. This week, I got $ 326. Two weeks ago, $ 154. Huge variance and does not add up to the full amount, although one amount is greater than half of it.

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