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Posted in Child Support on 9th July 2011

Child support affadavit?
Child support affadavit?
What does an “Affadavit of non-compliance for child support” mean

According to my caseworker i guess he will go to jail since he hasnt paid and they already took his license is that right or did i misunderstand

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Answer by debbiecc01
that means, he is in biiiiiig trouble for going against a court order.

Answer by Rebekah K
An affidavit of non-compliance simply means you swear that he has not paid the support as he was supposed to. What the judged does with that information will depend on a lot of things, but if he has already lost his DL, jail could be next.

Answer by Corine
A court date will be set, if they can find him. Once they do deliver the papers the court date will be set, if he doesn’t show to court he will be in contempt and a bench warrant will be put on him….ONLY IF they can serve him with the papers.

My ex owes over 34,000 in back support, he is in contempt of the order but since they can’t find him to deliver the papers he goes free…he has told me they will never catch up to him now he is moving from motel to motel just so he doesn’t have to support his child…..sad isn’t it?

Answer by MAGGIE
if he continues to ignore his payments, he could go to jail. all you have to do is let the courts know that you arent getting the payments. they may give him some time to get payment together, depending on the state your in and the judge, but i’ve heard of many guys getting the handcuffs on them for thinking they were gonna cry to the judge about not having enough money. the judge doesnt want to hear the sob story. bottom line is you have a kid, you gotta support them.

Answer by Jay
What state are you in? I’ve been dealing with a non-compliance case for four years now and have learned a thing or two about them.

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