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Posted in Child Support on 15th October 2011

child support affadavit?
What does an “Affadavit of non-compliance for child support” mean

According to my caseworker i guess he will go to jail since he hasnt paid and they already took his license is that right or did i misunderstand

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Answer by 私の名前はgamachiro 。
I’m dealing with child support problems too. They dont even know where my dad is. XD Like wtf? Your caseworker is pretty much right.

Answer by jedidoughboy
that’s just the start.

Answer by jessica c
Non-compliance means that he is not paying you court ordered child support.

Answer by Quad Kings
An Affidavit of Non-Compliance is a sworn statement that asserts that you have not received payment of child support in accordance with a child support order. It is usually used when a party files a motion for order to show cause. The court will then issue an order to the party that owes child support requiring them to appear in court and explain why they should not be held in contempt of court for failing to pay. If the person does not have a valid reason for failing to pay, then the court can throw the person in jail. The court will then usually require the person to post a cash bond and if the person does so, then the money will be turned over to the person entitled to recieve child support.

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