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Child support?
My ex owes 21,000.00 in child support. They gave him a chance to pay after 2 years of non-payment, and he paid for 3 full months of payment, and now all of the sudden he stopped. There going to take him to court for Non-Compliance (Not paying again) What will the jail time be? The child support enforcement said it could be 6 months, 3 months then see if he will pay, if not then 3 more months, then he will get out and we have to start all over.

I mean, have you been through this before? the thing that sucks is “He doesnt see his kid’s like I think he should, and doesn’t pay child support” I’m more concerned that he isn’t being a part of their life but child support is a sperate issue which is why Im asking. Anwyays what have you been through?

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Answer by carriegreen13
Do you need help getting child support?
The Wisconsin Child Support Program can help you by:

finding a missing parent
establishing legal fatherhood
asking the court to order child support and medical support
enforcing child support and medical support orders
contacting the paying parent’s employer and setting up income withholding
collecting child support from a parent living in another state
providing help for reviewing or changing a support order for a possible increase or decrease
providing payment and collection information on your child support case
providing copies of your account histories
providing interpreters and translations of child support information at no cost
providing privacy protection if the release of your address, telephone number, employer, or other location information would put you at risk
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Applying for Services
If you are in an aid/benefit program, you were automatically referred to child support. Aid/benefits programs include the W-2, Medicaid/Badger Care Plus*, SSI Caretaker Supplement, Kinship Care, and federally-financed foster care programs. Most services are free for those in aid/benefit programs. Getting help from the aid/benefit program depends on your cooperation with the child support program.

* Most families in the new BadgerCare Plus program will automatically get services.

Parents in the FoodShare (food stamp) program are no longer referred to child support. Parents in the FoodShare program, and all other families not in an aid/benefit program, may apply for child support (case management) services at their local child support agency.

Important to Know

Having a child support order from a court does not mean you are receiving case management services from your county and tribal child support agency. You need to apply for services if you are not in the W-2, Medicaid/BadgerCare Plus, SSI Caretaker Supplement, Kinship Care, or federally-financed foster care program.

If you are now getting cash benefits from the W-2 or SSI Caretaker Supplement programs, you will only get a part of the paid child support.

Click here for more information about child support and aid/benefit programs
Please see the Guide to Support Fees and Costs for any fees you might pay

Click here to download a parent or guardian application form
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How You Can Help
Provide copies of any court orders you already have for support or legal fatherhood (paternity) when you apply for child support services. Also provide copies of divorce decrees and any temporary or marital support orders.

Be prepared to give any information you have about the other parent, including full name, place of birth, current address, employment or other income information, and Social Security or Tax Identification number.

Always cooperate with your child support worker. Complete forms immediately, and keep appointments.

Please be patient. The courts deal with many cases, and child support agencies have large caseloads. Stay in touch with your child support agency, and report any new information about the other parent that might help with your case.
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How Support is Collected
About 75% of child support is collected through income withholding. Child support agencies automatically send withholding notices to the paying parent’s employers. Child support may also be withheld from unemployment payments, workers’ compensation checks, pension payments, and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits. The Consumer Credit Protection Act limits the withheld amount to 50% to 65% of payer’s disposable income (gross income minus taxes).

Past-due support may be collected from the paying parent’s tax refunds, Wisconsin lottery winnings of $ 1,000 or more, and some saving and checking accounts. The amount of income withholding may be increased to include past-due support as well as current support, if the total amount is under the Consumer Credit Protection Act limit. If you are owed past-due support, your case may be enforced up to 20 years after your youngest child reaches the age of 18.

Click here to see the Guide to Past-Due Support
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Support Payments
Child support is sent to parents in one of two ways – direct deposit and the Wisconsin Support Collections VISA Debit Card. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will automatically get the debit card.

You choose which way is best for you. If you sign up for one method, you may later switch to the other.

If you want direct deposit, you can download the application form by clicking here or by calling the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund weekdays, from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at:

(414) 615-2400 Metro Milwaukee area
(800) 991-5530 toll free outside the Metro Milwaukee area
(877) 209-5209 toll free TTY

If you now use direct deposit but want to switch to the Visa Debit Card, call the Trust Fund at the numbers above.

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Payment Information
Child Support Online Services

Free service
Provides detailed payment and balance information
Information is updated every night except Sunday

Click here to sign up for (or sign on to) Child Support Online Services
KIDS Information Line

Provides information about your last two payments.
(414) 615-2400 Metro Milwaukee area
(800) 991-5530 toll free outside the Metro Milwaukee area
(877) 209-5209 toll free TTY
VISA Debit Card Statements

If you use the Wisconsin Support Collections VISA Debit Card, you:

Will get a monthly statement in the mail.
Can see your account online at www.myaccount.chase.com.
Check your balances by:
calling 866-817-0761 (this phone number is on the back of your card)
using an ATM machine
Child Support Notice of Collection

The month after a payment is received, families who get or got cash benefits and only get part of the support will receive a notice. The notice will tell the family

the total amount paid
the amount sent to them
and the amount used to pay for their benefits
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Working with your Child Support Agency
By state law, you must tell your child support agency if you move or change jobs, and when your income changes. You can update your address by contacting your child support agency or on the Child Support Online Services website.

What can the child support agency do if the other parent is not paying?
Information about the enforcement tools that your child support agency may use are in the Guide to Past-Due Support.

Can my child support agency help if the other parent moves to another state or another country?
Yes. Information about working with other states and countries is in the child support guide, When Parents Live in Other States, Countries, or on Tribal Lands.

My caseworker never calls me. How do I get someone to work on my child support case?
Due to large caseloads, child support workers might not be able to contact you to update you about your case. If the worker does not call you, it does not mean the caseworker is not working on your case. Stay in touch with your caseworker, and report any new information about the other parent that might help with enforcement.

Weeks ago my caseworker said that the agency would take my case to court because the other parent is not paying. Why haven’t they gone to court yet?
It takes time to set a court date. The court might not be able to schedule your case immediately.

The other parent recently moved. I had to tell my caseworker about it. Why doesn’t my caseworker know this?
You might learn information about the other parent’s address and job changes before the child support agency. You should inform your caseworker about these changes.

When can enforcement be requested, and how do I ask for enforcement?
You may contact your child support agency and ask for enforcement of your child support order if the other parent does not make a payment for more than a month.

Why does the agency keep sending letters? I want the other parent in jail.
Child support agencies have many tools to help them enforce child support orders. Some tools, such as charging interest on past-due support, are done automatically. For the most efficient and effective use of staff time, child support agencies use their experience to choose what tools (actions) they take and when. For instance, they might write warning letters before they take a more drastic action. Some enforcement tools and actions require due process or a court action. Jail is not always the best way to get money for your children.

Can child support agencies arrest the other parent?
No. Child support agencies cannot arrest anyone. The child support agency can send a warrant to the court for signature. If the court signs and files a warrant, the warrant is sent to the sheriff’s office. The warrant gives the sheriff’s office authority to arrest a person.

The last time we went to court I did not agree with what the court decided. What can I do?
When a court rules on a case, the child support agency cannot change the ruling. As with any court decision, you may appeal the decision to a higher court or hire an attorney to appeal. You may ask your caseworker if there are other options you or the agency can use.

I am not getting my support. Why?
Your case may be very difficult. Although the Wisconsin Child Support Program is a national leader in support collections, not all families receive child support in any given month. The most common difficulty is that the other parent’s address and/or employer are not known. Wisconsin laws are always being updated to help enforce child support orders and to give agencies more tools to use to collect support.

Can my child support agency help with medical support the court ordered?
Yes, please see the Guide to Child Support Services.

Can I use a private collectio

Answer by ♦justme♦
My husband’s father went to jail for non payment, my friends dad went to jail twice for non payment, and my husband’s uncle has been to jail a couple of times. He also has a friend that has been to jail and hasn’t been able to get a license for 7 years now.
Know what else they all have in common? they STILL don’t pay. They get hauled into court every so often pay for a few months stop, go back to court pay a couple more months quit again go back to court. etc……Work under the table so wages can’t be garnished, work under assumed names so wages can’t be garnished. If they put as much effort into working as they did in dodging, paying wouldn’t be an issue. They would rather “stick to the mothers”.
My husband’s mom is having the last laugh though. His dad wants to go on social security. GUESS WHAT? Child support is going to garnish that….Dodgers are stupid. (male & female)
I’m sorry you have to go through this.

Answer by LM D
I too have been unemployed in the past for a short period of time here & there and unable to pay child support. My ex decided to have me put in jail for non-compliance a few years ago. I spent apx. 2 weeks there until a friend of mine was able to come up with a (court) set amout of $ $ to get me out or I would have had to spend 60 days. Once I started working again, my child support was garnished from my wages as they had always been. I do however still owe back child support for that time & it hindered my job search tremedously!!. I was not aware that in the state we lived in (NY) that child support & custody issues were not related, so during the months & months of custody fighting I did not pay child support. Therefore was in a hole before I ever got started!!!

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