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Child support?
Get this..My ex didn’t pay child support for 2 years, until the state took him to court, then he filed a motion to lower his child support, well we went to court with the state first and they made him pay and if he didnt he would go to jail, so he has paidf or 3 months THE FULL Payment, and now were going to court next month for his motion “To lower child support” What will they do? He does hav ea job but i think he is playing a game…he works for someone i know and its not a “real company” well its privately owened by family..i think he is hiding some of his income but i cant prove it

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Answer by Dana A
You should make these points to the court and see what you can find out, but if he’s being paid under the table he obviously won’t report it to the IRS. You could try subpoenaing his bank records or asking him to produce them to see if he’s living beyond the means of his alleged salary.

Good luck,
Dana (attorney)

Answer by Donnie H
get you a good lawyer, only a fool ,defends himself

Answer by billyboy64
First, the courts are not stupid. They have seen pretty much anything that anyone can try to do to get out of paying the child support they are suppose to. They will see through this and probably require him to continue paying, or possibly even raise it to adjust for cost of living increase over the 2 years.

Usually, they calculate the support he has to pay based on “potential income”, meaning that he has made $ xx,xxx in the past, and even though he is claiming he makes less now, he can still make this same amount (unless there is a real good reason he can’t, like a recent disability). This is to prevent the deadbeat dads that go out and get a lower paying job to try to get out of paying support, or getting a job that pays cash and is unreported.

At the end of it all, the courts are not going to “screw over” one parent or the other. They will do what is best for the child, while at the same time making sure the parent that pays the support has enough to support himself. If he cannot afford to support himself after taking a lower paying job, it is his responsibility to get a job that pays more, like what he was making in the past.

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