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Posted in Child Support on 25th October 2011

Child support?
Hello and thanks to all who consider my question.

I divorced in Febuary and the ex spouse and I have one child.

Ex spouse and I made a parenting agreement through the court system requarding visitation and custody issues.

Basically when son starts kindergarden, he is in my care full time. (Until this point, we have shared weekly care responsibility and a grandparent watches him on the weekend to permit us to work full-time.) His father can see him on alternating weekends, x-mas every other year, a handful of other minor holidays and two weeks in the summer. I have the major decision making ability with regards to education and major medical decisions. I DID NOT in any way bar his father from making requests to see him every weekend or more in the summer. This was HIS choice. I’d like to point out that father only agreed to parenting arrangement so that I would not “go after child support.” This statement was not said in the mediation period in front of the mediator. Only as an aside away from the mediation office. I agreed to “not go after him,” but now feel as though his lack of parental support is inevitable. For example, I requested money for his dental visit and school physical and was met with the response, “I just don’t know how my money is going to go.” I did eventually receive $ 100, but not enough for at least half of these expenses or money for school clothes and supplies.

My questions are the following;

1. Do I have the right to child support? I only verbally agreed nothing was put on paper, and the mediator flat out refused to deal with monetary issues.

2. What is the best way to pursue this issue if I am to proceed?

3. What are my chances of being awarded support?

Thank you for your time.

Best answer(s):

Answer by muzicchiq
From my understanding, most states have child support assist offices that help you with filing for child support. just becuase you said verbally taht you will not file for child support does not mean that you dont have to. children are expensive and if your ex does not want to pay, then i say you do try to get child support for your child.

Answer by Lisa P
You know to do what is best for you and your son, you do not have to sign no agreement, when it come to both of you making the decision for the child. You need to go get support from the father. This what your ex know as long as he having you to agree with this stimulation, then he has you right where he want you. But then to ensure you and your son welfare go get child support from him, make him do the right thing by you and the child. Him the father help you by going to the general attorney office for Child support. the number is 1-800-252-8014.

Answer by amanda w
You do have the right to support. In order to pursue the issue you will need to contact the office that handles child support issues in your state- Attorney General, CSA, etc. and file for it. You have very good chances of filing for support because you are the custodial parent.

Good luck!

Answer by sunbun
You need to contact an attorney have this written up as part of the divorce decree.

Answer by Mom of 3
You most certainly do have a right to receive child support. Custody and support are two separate issues. And your ex must realize that this is his child too and there are still mutual expense for this child. If the two of you were together he would have shared responsibilities to support your child. So for him to think that just because you are no longer together that gives him the right to not financial support his child’s well being is wrong. Your best way to proceed would be to contact your local child support agency. As far as your chances of being awarded support it all depends on your earnings as apposed to his.

Answer by Kristi
You have the right to the support! It does not matter whether you verbally agreed or not, its the court papers that make the final decision. I judge will award you the child support, not to worry about that. Before trying to get a lawyer, see if your county has a prosecutor for child support. You need to call the court house where you live. They will be able to give you that answer. If not, or if you chose to, a lawyer is your next step. Good Luck!

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