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Child support?
Child support affadavit?
What does an “Affadavit of non-compliance for child support” mean

According to my caseworker i guess he will go to jail since he hasnt paid and they already took his license is that right or did i misunderstand

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Answer by Little Tyme
An affidavit is basically a legal document stating he did not comply with the Courts Order to pay the child support. This does not nessicarly mean hes going to jail. That will be up to the Judge. But not complying with a Court Order will result in some kind of action from the Court….he may get his wages garnished or something like that.

Answer by naplliny
depending on the state. In NY my ex owes me $ 27000.00 in back support. Yes 27 thousand. He has no DL but yet he is still walking the street. No job. The state tells me I have to file a violation. then do a hearing to determin if we need to go to trial to find him in violation. call your local support office to find out exactly what you need to do.

Answer by Valerie X Atheists Hate Me LOL!
Yeah, my ex owes 31 Thousand Dollars, Yes, 31K!!!

Still walks the streets of Chicago a free man, too.

Answer by snjas1
As the others said, an affadavit is a legal document stating reasons as to why a court order is or isn’t being complied with. It sounds like your caseworker is submiting an affadavit to the courts to show that he hasn’t complied & wants further legal action to be taken against him. Jail time depends on first the amount behind, has the paying parent made any attempts to pay it, what other penalties have been assessed (like taking the DL), is this the 1st, 2nd, 3rd offense, etc. It will be up to the judge to weigh all that info. & decide if it warrants jail time or not. Your caseworker could have also asked specifically for jail time in the affadvit, but ultimately it is up to the judge.

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