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Posted in Child Support on 5th May 2011

Child support?
Ex husband owes 20,000.00 in child support and it’s all “Past due child support”

We have court tomorrow, what will happen to him?

He hasn’t tried to get a job, and if he has, it’s been 2 years that he either worked cash job, or “what he calls “Tried” to get a job. I know he had one job but never gave me any money for the children.

What will happen? IT’s with a state hearing officer at the court house..will they give him 3 weeks to get a job and if he doesn’t have one will they throw him in jail, or will they throw him in jail tomorrow?

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Answer by Aron1968_30
They can order him to look for a job and report to the court where he applies and who he spoke with. That way, they can follow up and make sure that he has actually applied for a job as opposed to saying he’s applied.

I hope they don’t throw him in jail…. very difficult to get a job when you’re in jail! They might suspend his drivers license pending him getting a job. They might also take away any state licensing that he might have… like if he’s a welder by trade and certified as a welder….. they can take away his certification.

Answer by tweety
I don’t know what state you live in but in NJ where I live,my husband owed back child support but he did not have a job at the time of our court date. The court gave him 2 weeks to get a job. He got a job we went back to court they took 30percent of his pay for regular child support ,then they add a percent he own for back child support. Now if your husband does not show for court yes they will put him jail or if he does not keep up with payment they will also put him in jail good luck

Answer by Chantelle
I have been trying to get child support for the past 11 years, I am owed $ 50,000.00!!! He has spent time in jail a couple of times. once was for like 4 years and another time for about 2-3 years. I’ve never been to a court hearing for none of it though. I always go through the support office, they aren’t much help though. I would think that they will tell him he needs to get a job and give him so much time to get one, if he doesn’t get a job he will more than likley go to jail. I hope it all goes good for you and your child. good luck.

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