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Posted in Child Support on 24th April 2011

Child Support?
My wife and I are planning on getting divorced and to make things even more complicated, she’s prego due in Sep. The wife claims that if I sign away all my parental rights, she won’t come after me for “Child Support”. We’ve been married since Jan2007 and live in the state of Illinois. The whole pregnancy was never supposed to happen, the wife and promised/agreed that we were both too young 18wife/20me to have kids at this point, she agreed. When she found she was prego, I was told not to worry about b/c she was going to her Dr. to get the R-13 pill (abortion pill) however, she backed up and gave me “I’m having the baby with or without you” I was basically put in a position where I had NO CHOICE. Eventually we got married, I just thought it was the right thing to do. However, the marriage has been going down-hill ever since.
If I sign away my parent rights and she agrees, in paper, in a court house, that she won’t seek “Child Suppport” now or in the future…can this be done?

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Answer by whistle blower
your screwed

Answer by Violet Pearl
Get a family law attorney to work out whatever you think is best. Don’t rely on promises, or he said/she said. Make it legal.

Answer by the answer man
So, in other words, you will sign away if she won’t come after you for child support? That’s a cowardly thing for any man to do to their child(ren). Don’t be a f*cktard and do that. If the relationship can’t be saved, be civil to her, agree to equal custody and be a part of your baby’s life…don’t be a deadbeat, piece-of-sh*t dad.

Answer by Phil S
If you sign away all of your parental rights, then no, she can’t come after you later for support…BUT…you also can have nothing to do with the child…you sure you want that?

Answer by crazyem
Yes, if you have it in writing and legal. Don’t just write it on a scrap of napkin or something. Have a lawyer or someone type up an agreement. You both sign and date it and it will be legally binding. Are you sure that’s what you want?

Answer by green_clovers66
No it can’t be done. Unless someone adopts the child, you are the one who will always be financially responsible for this child.

Answer by JF
Just remember if you sign away your parental rights.

YOU SIGN AWAY your parental rights. You will not be able to see the child unless she allows it.


Answer by JustAHunch
I sincerely hope you are making this up. If this posting has any shred of truth to it you definitely should sign over your parental rights. You are not too young to have children and you have NO right to dictate that she kill the fetus for your comfort. She did not get pregnant alone. You could have used protection yourself, buddy. When you sign away your rights to this child, you will not have to pay any child support , but you will NEVER (no matter how much you mature and wish you could see the child) have ANY rights to see him/her for the rest of your life. Is that the kind of man you are? Do you really want her to tell your child that you had NO interest in being his/her father whatsoever? What about stepping up to RESPONSIBILITY? You created this life and you should BE a FATHER. What a lowlife you are!

Answer by colin s
I’m sorry but I don’t understand any parent wanting to sign away their rights to their flesh and blood and to not want to be a part of their childrens growing up.
Neither do I understand a parents unwillingness to help support said child.

Answer by Curly
It can be done. It has. If her lawyer writes it up, its legally binding. You can give up parental rights, and she can give up alimony and child support rights.

Damn you are afraid of child support. You are man enough to make the baby, and keeping it is the womans choice, not yours. Part of the responsibility that comes with making the baby is if the woman says yes, you keep the baby.

In 20 years or so the child will seek you out and ask why. Remember that.

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