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Child custody issue?
I found out recently that my stepson’s mother, who claimed she had held a steady job making decent money, had a two bedroom apartment with a spare room for my stepson, was living with her steady bf of over six months, and had summer care lined up for him was lying about all of it. Apparently, she hasn’t worked since January, the boyfriend was completely made up, and the “summer care” was a friend of hers who we know to be an alcoholic. The apartment, apparently, was a 2br place, which belonged to a friend. We received a phone call from the friend today saying she had moved out yesterday, but felt we should know that she felt Becky was “abusing and neglecting” my stepson. She claimed that Becky was constantly yelling at him, and that if she wasn’t, she was ignoring him. She also said he hadn’t eaten anything except spaghettios since he got there. The lease was in the roommates name, so come the end of the month, I expect they will have no place to live.
I’m pregnant and can’t fly, and my husband can’t take off without getting fired. If I send my brother or another family member to go get him because of the situation, can she stop them from taking him?

How can I go about getting him home safely? I’m very worried and don’t know what to do.
We begged her to send him back. We offered to pay for the plane ticket, etc., even told her she could take him back again for a bit when she got settled (not actually likely to happen)** and pulled the “Riley’s best interest” card. She refused, so I’m on the legal path, unless we find a better way.

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Answer by james
I would suggest you to take advice from a good lawyer.

Try this

they offer great services

Answer by bigbabybuttercup
Have you been able to talk to her to see if she would agree to allow the child to come and stay for the summer, I say this because you don’t want to appear to direct (Don’t want to scare her off and then you can’t find the child) This will stall time so you can get some litigation going on at the courts. Just let her know you are there to help in any kind of way. But now you just need to think of some type story(lie) that would easily get the child to you. You definitely want this to be a smooth transaction.

Answer by Anna Banana
You need a lawyer. If she has custody of the child, you cannot take him from her without permission from the judge. If you try to take him or have someone else take him without her permission, that would be kidnapping and she could have you arrested. Talk to a lawyer about going back to court and having the custody arrangement changed.

Answer by choices
it sound like your spouse needs to turn her in, to the child protective services, for a well fare check and report your hear say of her conditions, if you work with them they should also turn you in the right directions

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