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Posted in Child Care on 11th May 2011

Child Care Tucson | Daycare | Preschool Questions

One of the most important questions you should be asking when visiting child care centers in Tucson is “What is a typical day like?” The answers to this question can be very helpful in helping you pick the right daycare for you and your child.

The answers to this question will give you an idea as to what to expect out of the child care center. If the typical day is very structured and focuses on learning this will be a very different experience than is the day is centered on games. Your child may learn the same materials at both places but in a different way. It is important to find a structure that matches you and your child.

Also, ask for when meals are served and when nap times are. This will continue to give you a great view as to the quality of the center. If the answer is “when they need it” this will show you the rest of the day is very us planned, however if the answer is naps are at 2 then you know the teachers and directors have put thought into the schedule.

Play and fun time are very important to for kids, it gives then the time they need to learn to socialize and to experience the world around them, plus just to move their little bodies. Find out what the typical play times are like. What effects will heat have on when and where the kids play, especially in the summer this can become an issue.

There is no right or wrong answer to what a typical day is like. What is key is to find a child care that matches your schedule and what you would like the day to be. By taking the time to find the right daycare or preschool for your needs you will help ensure you have a great experience and that your child does too.

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