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Posted in Child Care on 8th January 2011

Child Care Services From Home

If you have a knack for working for children you may want to consider starting a child care home-based business.  This is an opportunity for you to watch your children and other children, as well.  Before starting such a business research what you will need for your business to be successful and legitimate.  More than likely with a child care home based business people that want your services will want to check your references and know about your background.  Be prepared to have references and a resume showing your experience working with children.  Also be prepared for people to want a tour of your house if you are offering the services there.  If you have never worked with children you may want to get experience in a child care setting before starting your own business and you may also need training for such a field.  Make sure to research child care services before you open your own home-based business in this field.

Starting a child care service can be expensive and challenging.  You will need to research if your state or locality requires you to have a license to run your home-based childcare service.  Make sure to get the license before you operate your services.  Potential clients will want to see your license to know that you have the proper licensure to operate such a business.  Also look up laws in regard to childcare services and make sure you can meet all the legal obligations of a childcare service like a kitchen that meets cleanliness standards.  Your house will have to be clean and safe for the children that you will be working with.  Research all legal aspects before starting the process of opening your childcare home-based business.  You will want to meet all criteria as you will most likely have someone from a government agency check your facility to make sure that everything is legitimate.

Also it is important to prepare yourself with a proper education.  Make sure that you understand child developmental stages and what you can expect from each age group.  If a child is developmentally delayed you may have to use a different approach than with a child that is at a developmentally appropriate level.  Take courses in relation to child safety such as CPR and First Aid as children can choke and get injured and you want to be prepared when such a situation arises.

Research if your childcare business will succeed in your community.  Find out how much of a need there is for childcare services.  Talk to friends and family to see if their children would benefit from your services.

If you want to offer a childcare service you will need money for the licensure and training you will need to start the service.  Make sure to research what you will need and how you will go about initiating such a service.  You will have to get your name out in the community once you start and show people that you have the training and experience to do the job.

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