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Posted in Child Care on 23rd January 2012

Child Care Cost in Raleigh/Wake County

Article by Larry

Child care cost are an important factor in deciding what neighborhood many parents will move into. In Raleigh North Carolina, many child care facilities offer great prices but what about the service? Raleigh Child Care is in many ways a tale of the haves and have nots.

Parents are often shocked that in Raleigh certain child cares and preschools charge nearly $ 1200 a month for full time care. $ 1200 you say? What kind of Return On Investment do you get for $ 1200 a month? Are your kids guaranteed acceptance into the most rigorous elementary programs? I can not say for sure, but I do know that without that expense I could pay for two luxury cars.

Also comes the star rating system. The first person to explain that to me will receive my undying gratitude. You would think that on a 5 star basis, sending your child to a 2 star would be only for the crazy. But as explained to me by the state, stars are awarded for various areas and does not necessarily show that one school is better than another. This gets even more confusing when not all schools use the rating system.

One star means that a child care facility meets North Carolina’s minimum standards. Two to five stars means that an operator has chosen to apply for more stars. In order to be awarded two to five stars, an operator agrees to have the program evaluated using a rating scale that measures quality. Stars are awarded based on a child care facility’s score in two areas: Staff Education and Program Standards.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports child care costs in Wake County as follows (as of 2007):

Lowest Average: $ 446 | Highest Average: $ 894.

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