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Posted in Child Care on 4th June 2011

Child Care Check List

The following are questions to ask yourself before making a decision about a particular child care provider:

Do the caregivers appear to enjoy working with children?

Do the caregivers receive reciprocated affection from the children with whom the work?

Is there an adequate number of caregivers to provide good care for the children?

Are the caregivers educated in some way, and do they have prior experience?

Have the caregivers taken part in classes that enables them to understand their role in a child’s development?

What is the atmosphere of the location like?

Has the caregiving program been licensed by proper licensing organizations?

Is there a policy for surprise visits from parents?

Is the location enclosed, and can children play safely, especially outdoors?

Can the caregiver see the entire play area at all times?

Are caregivers trained in medical emergency techniques such as CPR and first aid?

Are the caregivers regularly involved in furthering their education?

Does the program adjust to the interests of children?

Will there always be access to caregivers to answer any questions?

Will the caregivers be willing to update you each day on your child?

Do caregivers give ear to parents’ concerns or requests? Can parents be involved?

Are there areas sectioned off for resting, eating, playing? Is there adequate space for each area?

Are the caregivers willing to get on the child’s level to interact with them?

Do the children generally seem happy who are there?

Are children given comfort when they need it?

Are the reasonable needs of a child met even in the busier times?

Is there a good balance of play and rest, story time, activities?

Are there activities set out for each age group?

Is there an adequate number of toys and materials for the children?

Is the facility clean, and are the toys clean and well taken care of?

What are the policies on disobedience?

Finally, do you see your child being happy here?

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